8 AWESOME tools GUARANTEED to break plateaus!

8 AWESOME tools GUARANTEED to break plateaus!

Pre workout

These magical things can be absolute game changers!! A good pre workout can take your workout to the next level! Giving you better focus, insane pumps, more strength, better endurance and ultimately GAINS!! The first time you take a pre workout you’ll feel like Goku did when he went Super Saiyan for the first time! A personal recommendation is Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard pre workout. A solid all round pre workout!

Drop Sets

These are an awesome little tool that you can add into your workouts, a great way to go beyond failure, especially if you’ve got no one to spot you and they give you an INCREDIBLE PUMP!! Pick up the normal weight you can do, hit it for as many reps as you can, just like a normal set! Then as soon as you’re done (no rest!!) pick up a slightly lighter weight and hit it again for as many reps as you can! You can then repeat the process dropping the weight a second time and even a third time if you wish! This technique allows you to take your muscles beyond failure, forcing them to work even when they’ve been exhausted to the limit! And it will you an absolutely CRAZY PUMP!!

Forced reps

Another way to push your body beyond failure is forced reps! You’ll need a spotter for this, but forcing the muscle beyond what it’s actually capable of doing will give it no option but to grow!! Pick your normal weight, hit as many reps as you can (for example 8), and then once you can’t do anymore, get someone else to assist you (but only slightly!!) to hit 2-4 more reps! I grantee this will have you piling on muscle in no time!!

Cheat Reps

In a similar way to forced reps, these can also be used to take your muscle beyond failure! However for these you don’t need a spotter, so they’re ideal if you’re training on your own!! Just as with forced reps, perform your set as normal with your normal weight, and say you hit 8 reps and can’t do any more, from there you can start to let your form slip a bit (BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO INJUR YOURSELF!!!!) to allow you to get a few extra (2-4) reps! If it was good enough for the legend Arnie, it’s good enough for us!!

Training partner

Most people overlook this factor when thinking about how to get the most out of their workouts, but having a workout partner to push you to your limits and motivate you is priceless! Most people train harder when they’re training with someone because they’re being watched every set and motivated by them! Good workout partners are hard to come by, but it you find one, TRAIN WITH THEM, ‘cause they’re worth their weight in gold in terms of pushing the gain train along!!

Extra Carbs

Feel tired, weak and unfocused in the gym? Are you getting enough carbs? Carbs are the primary source for fuel for your muscles, if you’re not getting enough, then this could be why you’re struggling to perform in the gym! Make sure you consume plenty of carbs before you train, to give your body the fuel it needs to go beast mode and make some serious gains! Good sources of carbs are rice and pasta, but if you’re in a hurry cereal’s are also a really good source. Extra carbs, extra energy, extra GAINS!

Post workout nutrition

Okay, so once you’re doing everything you can to boost your performance in the gym, are you doing everything you can to help the muscles repair?? If they don’t repair properly then they’ll never grow! Studies have shown benefits in building muscle mass in athletes when both carbs and protein are consumed straight after a workout! After a workout your body is craving nutrients and this is the perfect time to give it to it! I recommend a protein shake and a source of simple carbs (i.i. fruit, isotonic sports drink etc.) post workout, to give your body that boost of nutrients it’s craving straight after a workout!

Mix it up

I see it all too often! People doing the same old stale workout, week after week and month after month! Your body gets used to workouts, and the only way to force your body to change is to expose it to something new in order for it to need to adapt! Mix up your workouts and don’t stick on the same routine for longer then 6-8 weeks MAX (unless you’re following a program). So say on chest day you normally start with flat bench, mix it up and start with incline dumbbell for a couple of weeks etc. Keep changing it up, forcing your body to adapt to new stimulus and in turn grow!

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