7 Ways to Maximize Your Muscle Pumps

7 Ways to Maximize Your Muscle Pumps

If you’re a real bro like us you probably spend a lot of time each day ‘mirin yourself in the mirror. While you probably look like you lift even when you haven’t been to the gym that day you will undoubtedly look far better if you are coming off a sick pump. Aside from aesthetics, a pump shows that you are targeting that muscle well and it is filling up with blood which means you can expect some sick gains! Check out our 7 tips below which will help maximize your muscle pump and will have you looking juicy as fuck, cuz!

7 Ways to Maximize Your Muscle Pumps

Get Plenty of Sleep

No this isn’t a paragraph on how to pick up chicks on “plenty of fish”, in this case we’re talking about plenty of SLEEP! If you are staying up late every night and waking up early I’ve got some bad news – you simply aren’t giving your body enough time to recover. Why is this a problem? Well when you show up in the gym the following day you will experience reduced strength, energy and less muscle firing – basically your pump will be non-existent. Give yourself a solid 7-9 hours of sleep each day, particularly on nights where you will be hitting the gym the following day.

Consume High-Quality Carbs

Focus on eating high quality carbs coming from foods like oatmeal, sweet potato, rice, etc. so that your muscles are filled with glycogen. When low on glycogen your muscles will be dehydrated and flat leading to sub-optimal pumps. Your body is particularly responsive to insulin after working out so that’s a great time to be consuming carbs – they’ll go right to the muscle cells and give you a JOOOOOCY pump.

Taking Supplements that Boost Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is a molecule in the body that helps dilate blood vessels which allows blood to pump throughout the body more easily. Why is this important? Well, that pump sensation is actually a lot of blood rushing into the muscle at once. So if Nitric Oxide can make blood move around the body more easily you can bet you will experience some sick pumps. Focus on taking supplements that contains ingredients that boost NO levels like arginine, beetroot, grape skin extract and agmatine. Check out our Top 3 choices for a great pre-workout product that will have your NO levels exploding!

Increase the Rep Range

While the size of the weight lifted will be lower, we recommend upping the rep range to 12-20. This works really well when doing drop-sets or super-sets as it completely exhausts the muscle and makes your skin feel like it’s about to shred!

Keep the Tension On

A lot of people lock out or rest at the bottom/top of their lift to give themselves a quick break but if you are looking for a maximum pump this might not be ideal. Instead, keep the tension on the muscles the entire time – slow movement and no locking out at the top. If you do this correctly it won’t take nearly as many sets and reps to get a nice pump.

Reduce Rest Times

Many bros out there train with low reps and very high weight which requires a few minutes rest in between sets. However, if you are looking to maximize your pump try dropping the weight a bit and reducing the rest time between sets. This way the blood will remain in the muscle and you will keep that pump going throughout your workout.

Stretch It Out

No we aren’t talking about your girlfriend’s you know what here. We’re talking about stretching your muscles in between sets. Fortunately you won’t have to take Yoga classes for that so no downward-facing dog (whatever the hell that is). Stretching out your muscles between sets will actually help push more blood to flow into the

muscles and actually improve your pump! Be careful not to hold the stretches too long though as that can actually fatigue the muscle. Save the long static-stretches for afterwards.

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