7 Ways to Gain More Muscle Mass

7 Ways to Gain More Muscle Mass

Your body is a fine tuned machine that thrives off of a perfect formula of nutrition, exercise and wellbeing.

This perfect formula is different for every individual and has had doctors spending years on trying to figure it all out. For those who are seeking more muscle mass, the formula’s needs become even more specific.

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Make sure that you’re doing everything you can to give your body the fuel it needs for muscle gain by using all or some of our muscle gaining mass tips below!

Ways to Gain More Muscle Mass


1 – Sleep Well and Trust Yourself

Don’t be so surprised to learn that some of what you need to do to gain more muscle mass isn’t inside the walls of the gym.

Getting adequate amounts of sleep each night is one of the most important things you can do for your body after a workout.

We understand that it isn’t as simple as just telling your boss that you will be two hours late on the days after your heavy workouts.

For when you cannot sleep longer, focus on sleeping smarter. Lavender is a relaxing scent known to calm the mind and help you drift off to sleep.

Burn a lavender candle in the evening and unwind with a book or a cup of tea. Skip out on Facebook, the TV or even texting your buddies. Prepare for an awesome night’s sleep.

Paired with sleep is simply trusting your body as well. Don’t push yourself too far and if something doesn’t feel right, stop.

It’s better to stop and seek out alternatives for your routine then to push yourself too far. Many lifters fall victim to the superman habit, where they try to do cardio, weights, marathons and more each day.

2 – Eat More and Eat Smart

Bodybuilders need almost double the amount of calories that a normal or even an active runner would need.

Your body is working double overtime to replenish and this needs to be acknowledged! Small meals throughout the day that are rich in protein and fiber are key.

If you aren’t getting the results you want or something just seems off, try adding an extra meal into your day.

Think brown rice, veggies, grilled chicken, some steak or quinoa. Add some spice and flavor to the meal with lemon juice, paprika, pepper or chili powder. Try to avoid spices that are salt based.

As a bodybuilder, you don’t have the luxury of eating whatever your brain thinks of when it’s time for food.

Look at your food log and see where you are coming up short with your macro goals. Identify what area needs beefing up and then eat accordingly to that. Your body will thank you!

3 – Calories Served via Drinks

For lifters who are taking our advice from tip #3 on eating more, you may notice it all just becoming “too much” for your body.

Walking around always feeling stuffed can become uncomfortable and cause you to feel bloated, which isn’t getting you pumped for your next workout or making you feel good about yourself now. It’s still important to get those calories in, so instead turn to drinking those extra calories back.

Smoothies are a wonderful way to get the nutrients your body craves while also packing in the calories.

The classic protein shake is also a good way to do this. On the other hand, drinking calories doesn’t mean grabbing a 32oz soda from the corner store. Keep your sugar levels in check!

4 – Set Different Rep Goals

The amount of weight or even the exercise you’re doing aside, the reps alone is a close relation to your muscle gain. Lifting the same amount of weight and testing yourself to see how high you can get your rep count is good for your strength improvement, but isn’t helping your muscle gain.

For optimal muscle gain improvement, stick to keeping your reps in the 8-12 range and focus on form.

5 – Increase Your Testosterone Levels For More Muscle

You might have low testosterone production.

It’s sad to see some guys working hard day in day out in the gym with perfect diets but still they don’t make any results because of their low testosterone levels.

Because with higher testosterone levels you will build a few extra pounds of muscle.

That’s why experts the industry have been talking so much about how important it is to keep your testosterone production as high as it possibly can.

A great way to support and increase your testosterone production is taking in ingredients that are designed to increase natural testosterone production in the body. – See these ingredients here

Just make sure that you choose the right testosterone boosting ingredients.


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6 – Pick Food that’s Worth its Weight in Gold

Even if something is good for you, like a spinach salad topped with peppers, tomatoes, chicken with just a touch of lemon juice for dressing, it may not be the best meal choice for you as a lifter.

Feeling full is a good feeling; and feeling comfortably full will help you from making poor choices or reaching for a few cookies in the break room just because.

The problem is when that salad fills your stomach making you sideline the stars of the show like steak and chicken. Make room for protein and ensure it is your top priority.

7 – Work it All At Once!

Bodybuilders are known and encouraged to breakup their routine to target specific muscle groups to yield a spectacularly crafted body in all areas.

Sometimes bodybuilders sell themselves short and prohibit gains by doing this too frequently though.

Keep a focus on working multiple groups at once at least a few times a month. Think items like bench pressing, deadlifts and squats.

Keep doing your best and work smarter instead of harder. Ask any experienced lifter, it’s often the smallest of tweaks that yield the biggest of results! Use these 7 ways to gain more muscle mass in a shorter amount of time !

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