7 Ways to Reduce Body Fat While Increasing Muscle

7 Ways to Reduce Body Fat While Increasing Muscle

So are you wondering how to reduce body fat while increasing muscle size?

Many guys think it’s not impossible, but might change their mind as soon as they implement the tricks we are about to discuss into their regime.

There are certain techniques many guys use to reduce body fat while increasing their muscles. If you follow these tips below  on how to reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass, you will be well on your way to achieve your ideal physique.

7 Ways to Reduce Body Fat While Increasing Muscle


1 – Consume More Protein

Protein is a crucial macronutrient regardless of whether you are looking to build mass or cut fat.

Take some time to measure just how much you are consuming each day.

You should aim for 1 gram per pound of bodyweight to get the full metabolic benefits.

If possible, try consuming that protein throughout the day so you can give your muscles the fuel they need which will help avoid going catabolic.

Additionally, high quality proteins will be loaded with amino acids that contain anabolic properties – in other words they help you put on muscle.

There are also a number of amino acids supplements out there that can help you get to optimal levels if you feel you might not be getting enough from your diet.

If you weigh 180 pounds and are aiming for a gram per pound, that would only equal about 720 calories – far below your total daily maintenance.

That leaves plenty of room for healthy fats and complex carbs.

The great thing about protein is that it boosts your metabolic rate – so by eating more protein you actually burn more calories throughout the day. So one way you can look at it is that you are getting “free” calories when consuming extra protein.

7 Ways to Reduce Body Fat While Increasing Muscle2 – Reduce Carb Intake

This is a tough one for most guys because many of our favorite foods are loaded with carbs.

Unfortunately most of those carbs are the simple, processed variety that don’t benefit us very much.

Complex carbs certainly have their place, particularly before workouts for energy and throughout the day to help build muscle mass.

Aim to get most of your carbs from vegetables that are high in fibre as these will give you the most bang for your buck and are generally quite low in calories.

Shoot for 1.5 grams of carbs per pound of body weight. You can go a bit higher than this on training days however make sure you compensate by going lower on other days.

3 – Don’t Try to “Tone” at the Gym

For some reason guys think that when they are trying to get shredded they should train differently from when they are trying to build mass.

“Ya bro I’m just trying to tone” basically means doing tons of isolation exercises for high reps with low weight.

Well guys, no matter what your goal is you should still be training in the hypertrophy range and progressively overloading the muscles.

That means lifting more weight over time so if your lifts aren’t increasing you aren’t building mass.

It’s acceptable to mix in higher rep training once in awhile to shock the muscles but this should be the exception rather than the norm.

Instead of lifting light weights focus on compound lifts like deadlifts, squats, bench press, dips and pull-ups.

Not only will they build muscle they will also fire up your metabolism which means more calories burned throughout the day.

Remember that muscle also burns a lot of calories so if you are able to put on mass you will have a much easier time keeping the fat off.

7 Ways to Reduce Body Fat While Increasing Muscle

4 – Eat Healthy Fats

Too many guys still have this idea that dietary fat is bad for you. Well get with the times – fats are crucial for your body composition!

Cutting dietary fat out won’t make you leaner – in fact it will actually cause you to put on body fat and lose muscle mass!

Kind of strange that a macronutrient named “fat” is crucial for losing fat but hey, we’ve seen stranger things.

They boost testosterone levels and help regulate all those nasty hormones that work against your t-levels.

They are also quite filling and are a great way to get the necessary calories in your diet since they are very dense.

Aim for 0.5 grams per pound of body weight daily – that means our 180lb friend should be aiming for 90 grams of fat per day.

Try to consume omega 3, 6, monounsaturated and saturated fats within those. Some examples of fat sources include salmon, olive oil, egg yolks, coconut oil and avocado.

5 – Do the Right Kind of Cardio

What do most guys do when they want to burn fat?

They get on a treadmill and do endless cardio.

This is actually the worst way to go about it as it tends to make your body go catabolic which means you will lose muscle.

However, there is a solution. Instead of doing hours of steady state cardio you should instead be doing high intensity interval training.

That means doing short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by short rests.

This constant change of pace forces your body to burn up fat for fuel – not to mention it takes way less time. 20 minutes of proper HIT training will have your body burning fat like there’s no tomorrow!

Warm up for a few minutes then start interval 1 by going all-out for 60 seconds.

After that rest for a minute or two and let your heart rate drop back down to a more comfortable level.

Then do another round and repeat the process. We don’t recommend doing these daily as it takes a lot out of your body so no more than three times per week.

If you start to notice you have less energy for resistance training scale back even more – remember lifting weights is always number one priority.

7 Ways to Reduce Body Fat While Increasing Muscle

6 – Track Your Calories

You need to be careful with how many calories you consume. Eat too much and you might gain fat but eat too little and you might stagnate or even go catabolic!

Make sure your diet consists mainly of foods that will provide you with high-quality fuel to get through those gruelling workouts.

Cut out the junk food and stick to some of the foods we recommended above!

7 – Increase your Testosterone Levels

Have you ever wondered why some guys are naturally able to stay both muscular and shredded despite consuming terrible diets?

it is probably due to the fact that these guys have higher testosterone levels than the average person.

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for muscle growth and if you are one of those guys truly serious about building muscle and staying lean having high testosterone levels is really important.

The most effective way to increase your natural testosterone production is taking is consuming ingredients that help your body produce more testosterone.

Some testosterone boosting supplements contain these ingredients. – See top 3 testosterone boosters by clicking here.

You might be asking : “If I have higher testosterone levels what will happen?”

  • You will build more muscle mass
  • You will maintain your muscle mass better
  • You will get leaner and more cut
  • Your sex drive will increase as well as harder erections
  • better mood and your confidence will increase

That’s why most athletes and natural bodybuilders that are serious about building muscle and staying cut do everything they can to increase their testosterone production naturally.

See the top 3 testosterone boosting supplements recommended by experts here.


So there you have it guys, the 7 ways to reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass!

Just remember building the dream physique is not a sprint is a marathon and patience is key in building your ideal physique.

If you follow the tips above you will however be able to get faster results than you previously though possible.

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