8 Ways To Make Gains In A World That Wants To Keep You Fat

8 Ways To Make Gains In A World That Wants To Keep You Fat


In today’s society, a highly convenience focused one, it’s far too easy to turn to junk food and take-outs because they’re quick and easy… Then combine that with the convenience of doing pretty much everything from your evening entertainment to your grocery shopping from the comfort of your own sofa, we have become a lazy and unhealthy generation…

HOWEVER, anyone strong willed enough can achieve their goals regardless of their environment! So what if we live in an extremely unhealthy generation? That doesn’t mean we are bound to the same lifestyle!

Break the mould! Be a happier, healthier you!

Here’s 8 easy steps to get you started!

Pack your lunch

This allows you to reduce the chances of having to eat something unhealthy at a canteen or even miss a meal because you don’t have time to get something…

Packing a meal is simple, easy and often a lot cheaper than buying something to eat on the go, as these types of foods usually cost a premium!

It also allows you to control what you’re eating, as you’re not subject to what ever is available at your works canteen or local deli… You can prepare a nutritious, satiating meal that will set you up and fuel you through your day!



Walk instead of driving

For most of us as soon as we can drive, walking becomes a thing of the past! Walking is massively underestimated as a method of burning calories, with just opting to walk to the shops for some milk and walk the kids to school instead of taking the car potentially burning in the region of an extra 400 calories!

So not only does it benefit your health, it means you can eat a little bit extra, and who doesn’t want to eat more and not gain any extra weight, right?

Don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry

This is a MASSIVE mistake! If you go shopping when you’re hungry you’re a million times more likely to over-buy food, purchasing a lot more than you need to as well as purchasing a lot of foods you simply crave! Odds are these will be “naughty” foods too!

Try and schedule your shopping trips around your eating, going just after having a big meal. Not only will this reduce your shopping spend but will also increase the likelihood of sticking to buying healthy, whole foods as apposed to processed junk you crave when you’re hungry.



Avoid setting yourself up for unhealthy habits

For example, this point can follow on from the point above…

A good saying is “You can’t eat what you don’t buy”… If you buy that pack of chocolate and them crisps and keep them in your cupboard, the temptation is always there and could wear you down until you cave.

Try and avoid buying and storing unhealthy foods in your house, and instead save the unhealthy food for special occasions or cheat meals, and then  go out and buy just enough for that one time, to satisfy your cravings for the rest of the week etc.

Avoid negative influences

Everyone has them unhealthy friends that just won’t understand your goals and efforts to stay healthy and instead will try to talk you into drinking and eating out, falling off your diet and training!

Try and minimise the opportunity for this and instead surround yourself with supportive, like minded people that are more likely to encourage you to stick to your healthy lifestyle and achieve your goals!

Self reflection

Taking some time to look back over your day, review how you did things, any failures, challenges or difficult situations you face and how you handled them is a great way to allow yourself to identify lessons to learn from and then see how you can improve going forward!

This will allow you to be better prepared and make better decisions in the future!

Planning your gym routine

Go to the gym with a purpose… A lot of people go to the gym without any sort of plan in place and spend a lot of time dawdling or have a sense of feeling lost…

Do a little bit of research into how to train in order to achieve your goals and then set yourself up a gym plan so that you know exactly what you’re going to do when you’re in the gym.

Not only will this structure allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each planned workout, but it will also give you something to compare yourself to week on week to see progress which can be highly motivating!

Set Goals

Every successful person sets goals! These can be big, small, long term or short term… a mix of them all is good!

Having goals gives you something to aim for and gives a sense of purpose. It allows you to have focus on specific areas, also providing a huge sense of accomplishment once you’ve completed the goal and ticked it off the list.

We should all set goals in every aspect of our lives, whether that be in the gym, at work or relationships! Every area of out lives has opportunity for improvement… we just have to be willing to work for it!


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