7 Types Of Rut-Breaking Workout Equipment

7 Types Of Rut-Breaking Workout Equipment

I wanted to make a simple article just to give you guys a few ideas on how to add some variety to your workouts. Before I start this I’d like to say that I’m aware not all people will have access to some of the things in this article. For those people, just do what you can I guess. Like, go wrestle wild animals and shit. Anyway, for many of you out there, you may reach a point in which your workouts start to become boring. Even switching up exercises and rep ranges doesn’t always help to spice things up so to speak. Sometimes you just need to incorporate some manly, badass exercises into your routine. One of the ways to do that is to use different forms of workout equipment. Such as,

1. Big ass tires.

If you can find a big tire you have the opportunity to do some manly shit. Whether you are flipping them, throwing them, hitting sledge hammers off of them, or just carrying them around, using tires in your workout adds a much needed element of variety. Tire exercises work your muscles differently than isolation movements, which can be a great way to break out of a rut. Most gyms don’t generally have tires just laying around but you can find them at junk yards and other places. Just look around.

2. Strongman log.

My gym just got one of these and I love it. I don’t know why but it just feels really cool to use one of these. It makes you feel like an ancient viking throwing around giant tree trunks. If you can find a place with one of these try it out. They are great for building shoulder, arm, and back strength.

3. Battle ropes.

Battle ropes are a pretty fun thing to throw into a workout. They improve shoulder mobility and strength, as well as building muscle and endurance. A few minutes of using heavy ropes can really get you sweating.

4. Gymnast rings.

Referred to as the art of manliness, adding ring work into your workouts will help you become strong as hell. The rings build up amazing strength and improves your muscle function greatly. Not to mention ring work can help your achieve a very ripped core and back. It’s definitely worth trying out.

5. Heavy bag.

Cardio sucks. Beating the shit out of a heavy bag does not. One of the best ways to build endurance and burn a lot of calories is to go really hard on a heavy bag. You really workout your whole body when you put in max effort.

6. Weight sled.

Most hardcore gyms use weight sleds instead of your typical cardio equipment. Pulling one of these bad boys will burn a lot of calories and build up some great leg strength. If you can turn a cardio session into a muscle building cardio session, do it.

7. Resistance bands.

Using these is a great way to exercise while you travel, have an injury, or just need a break from lifting heavy. But they are also great when added to a weight training program. You can attach them to barbells for squats and bench pressing to increase strength output for even more muscle gains. If you think these are for betas, you never tried doing curls with the really thick bands.

What pieces of equipment have you guys used to change things up? What would you add to this list?

Author: Caleb James for BroScience see more from him here

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