7 Seriously Annoying & Awkward Gym Moments

7 Seriously Annoying & Awkward Gym Moments


Yes, working out is one of the most enjoyable, rewarding things in the face of this earth, however, as I’m sure we’ve all experiences, it doesn’t come without it’s seriously annoying & awkward moments!!

#1 – Forgetting your headphones


We’ve all been here… We’ve smashed 2 scoops of our favourite pre-workout into us, pepped out gym bag, driven to the gym with music blasting, rock up, only to discover you’ve forgotten your headphones!

It’s too late to go back and get them because the pre-workout has already started kicking in, so you have no choice but to go into the gym and battle through a session listening to the finest 90’s radio through the gym speaker system whilst every Tom, Dick & Harry tries to talk to you in the middle of your set! WORKOUT RUINED!!!

#2 – Failed PR attempts

Okay, you’re there, absolutely psyched for this lift… Headphone in (if you remembered them this time…), music blasting with ample amounts of pre-workout flowing through your veins!

You go for it… and nope. No where near.

You feel a sense of disappointment, closely followed by a sense of embarrassment and shame at the realisation that the entire gym has just witnessed you fail…

But why did you fail? Was it down to your diet being off?? Was it lack of sleep? Was it exhaustion from activities earlier in the day? Maybe it was none of those… Sometimes it’s just not your day, it happens to everyone, but take that and use it as motivation and use it to help you reach your goals and smash it next week! If you never fail, then your goals aren’t high enough!!!

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#3 – Missing a meal


Sometimes things pop up, people want to stop and chat, meetings/classes over run… This meaning that you’ve missed you allotted time for your next meal! What do you do? Rush home and try and fit it in? Or grab something from the shop, but that means going off your diet???

Put it this way, if you have 5 meals a day, that’s 35 a week. If you miss or have 1 meal late a week, that’s just 1 out of 35. That still means you’ve hit your diet 97% spot on. That 3% from your missed meal isn’t the end of the world! Just make the best of the situation, limiting the damage as best you can and have something as close as to what you were supposed to have for that meal!

Whether that means going home and having that meal late, or popping to the nearest shop for a close substitute… annoying as it is, it’s not the end of the world!

#4 – Injuries

Every lifters or sportspersons worst nightmare!!! It might be as a result of your own fault, from either not warming up, lifting too heavy or lifting with improper form. However it can, sometimes, be through no fault of your own! All you can do is make sure you put in place everything you can to avoid it (i.e. warm up etc.).

It’s important that if you do sustain and injury, that you don’t continue to aggravate it. Many people just try to “push through” the pain/injury, and in doing so make the injury so much worse! Make sure you take care of the injury and allow it time to heal. This is often a good time to take a scheduled break from the gym r even a light “de-load” week, to allow your body some time to recover.

What’s even worse is when the injury is a niggling one that never truly heals and is constantly there! PERIOD! With ones like this you just have to make sure that you take care of them through your workouts, “nursing” them through as such, and avoid and unnecessary strain on the injured area. It’s in these times, working around injuries, that you often learn about and find out many exciting new things!

#5 – When a smaller guys lifts more than you


This is an absolute ego destroyer! Nothing can make you feel less alpha that being out powered by a smaller guy! However remember you goal, is it to be strong? Or is it to be big? Or is it to look good? Because they are all very different things, and you don’t necessarily have to be one to be the other… For example some huge bodybuilders don’t use mega heavy weights, and instead focus on proper forma and contractions, avoiding injuries and stimulating the most growth.

But at the end of the day only compare yourself to yourself! Improve on who you were yesterday, and strive for a better you tomorrow – That’s what this is all about! Self improvement and bettering yourself!

#6 – The dreaded cardio


It’s extremely beneficial to your health and overall well-being, but it can be without doubt one of the most tedious and annoying things ever!! While it’s not necessary to lose weight, or maintain a healthy appearance, it is an extremely useful tool, that should not be neglected or disregarded! Pushing through that dreaded cardio is the difference between mediocrity and greatness… which are you striving for?

#7 – Occupied equipment

Ever tried to train chest on a Monday (international chest day)? Then you know exactly what I’m talking about… You’re in the gym, absolutely smashing your session, your blood is 90% pre workout, you’ve got an insane pump and you’re hyped as hell!

Then you head over to do your next exercise, and the machine’s taken… I’m sure you can agree that there’s nothing more frustrating! Especially when the guy/girl that’s using the machine looks like the only thing they’re training today is their jaw, talking to everyone in the gym while hogging the equipment!


Even though the gym is, as I’m sure many of you will agree, one of the best things in the world, bringing development, progression, happiness and fulfilment to millions, it does have a few annoying and frustrating points… But just remember, the pros far far far way outweigh the cons!

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