7 Reasons Your Fat Loss Diet Isn’t Working

7 Reasons Your Fat Loss Diet Isn’t Working

Do you know why your fat loss diet is not working and you are not getting ripped before the summer?

Find in our free article below the 7 reasons why your fat loss diet isn’t working!


7 Reasons Your Fat Loss Diet Isn’t working

Not enough high-quality protein

You’ve probably heard the old adage “1 gram of protein per pound of body weight” and while that is true, the sources of your protein do make a difference.

Are you currently getting half your protein from whey protein shakes? If you are, you need to start looking at adding more real sources of protein to your diet.

While Whey protein is a great way to help hit your macros, relying on it will likely mean you are missing out on the helpful nutrients found in real foods.

Start adding more of the recommended high-protein foods like chicken, cottage cheese, eggs and fish and watch your results improve!

Whey protein tends to absorb very quickly into the body so you don’t have to work nearly as hard to process it – meaning your metabolism doesn’t get turned up quite as much.

Additionally, since your body processes it so quickly, whey will often leave you feeling hungry again in a shorter amount of time which makes it difficult to stay true to your diet.

7 Reasons Your Fat Loss Diet Isn’t workingToo many cheat meals

We are all for allowing yourself a few cheat meals when you are cutting not only as a reward but also as a strategic dieting tool .

Nevertheless, this does not give you a free pass to go crazy and ruin your diet.

One to three cheat meals a week should be more than enough to kick your metabolism up a gear and bring up your energy levels. Too many of these cheat meals, however, will only hurt your long-term progress and increase your frustration.

Too much processed food

Food manufacturers have recognized that there is a huge demand for “healthy” snacks and are looking to grab a share of this growing market without necessarily compromising their bottom-line.

As a result, they will give the packaging a more “eco-friendly” look and add a few grams of protein to make it look like it is good for you.

The truth is these foods still contain a ton of questionable or downright bad ingredients.

15 grams of protein may sound good, but not when it’s combined with 20 grams of sugar.

In order to avoid falling into this trap make sure you stick to real foods like meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc. Although these “healthy” products being marketed to you may seem like a short-cut the truth is they will only make reaching your goals more difficult.

7 Reasons Your Fat Loss Diet Isn’t working

Not enough calories

A lot of novice bodybuilders think that they can speed up the weight-loss process by going into severe calorie deficits.

In truth this is actually counterproductive as it sends a signal to your brain to conserve energy – meaning your metabolism will decrease.

Your body will take every opportunity to store additional fat since it recognizes there might not be enough down the road.

To combat this, use a slight deficit of 200-300 calories per week and see what impact it has on your weight. If you aren’t losing any weight after a few weeks, increase it some more.

Using the wrong fat burning ingredients

Did you know that most fat burning formulas contain ineffective ingredients that do not work?

The supplement industry has been evolving at a high speed for the last decade.

Science has come a long way and supplement companies are now able to formulate much better products than they used to.

By choosing a fat burning formula that contains all the right ingredients you will be able to rapidly increase your body’s fat burning potential. 

The hard thing is actually finding the supplements that contain these ingredients and not to give your money to supplement companies that have used the same ineffective and under dosed formulas for decades.

It’s really easy to be fooled by fancy marketing and promises of huge results.

The harsh truth is that most supplement companies brag about their low priced products, but what they don’t tell you is that their formula is actually very cheap to manufacture and the majority of the ingredients to nothing to help you lose fat and if they do they have so small dosages that you won’t even get the benefits of the product.

That’s why we suggest using only using ingredients that are backed up by science. – See fat burning ingredients that work here.

Otherwise you can never be sure if your fat burning formula actually works,

Makes sense right?

We have actually made A LOT of research about these fat burning ingredients, tried them out for ourselves and found the top fat burning ingredients that are scientifically proven to work.

This report is now available here on the internet- See report here on the best fat burning ingredients and formulas

Don’t let supplement companies keep you in the dark, check out our report if you want to know which ingredients actually work for losing fat.

7 Reasons Your Fat Loss Diet Isn’t working

Lack of good fats

Just because you are looking to burn fat doesn’t mean you should be avoiding foods containing fat.

They help keep your heart and body healthy by improving circulation and reduce cholesterol levels.

They are also very dense which will help make you feel full for longer and give you more energy.

Additionally, they help regulate your hormone levels which will help boost your metabolism and avoid losing muscle during your dieting phase. This is important as typically testosterone levels drop while dieting which can slow down your progress.

To increase the amount of healthy fats in your diet look at adding avocado, olive oil, almonds and fish.

Too focused on details

Are you so focused on every minute detail of your diet that having a meal 30 minutes later than usual stresses you out?

This sort of attention to detail is actually counter-productive as it can make you lose sight of the bigger picture.

Additionally, stressing over these things can have an adverse impact on your hormone levels and your metabolism rate.

Instead, accept that there will be days when some meals are a bit late, or will need to be prepared by others. Focus on the long-term direction of your diet and be sure that everything is going in the overall direction that you want.

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