7 Real Life Tips on How to Date a Girl Who Lifts

7 Real Life Tips on How to Date a Girl Who Lifts

Strong is the new skinny! More and more girls are lifting weights, and guys seem to love it! After all, what’s not to love about women who go heavy in the gym? They are strong, self-confident, and full of energy. Not to mention how great they look! These gals have toned bodies with small waist, big butts, and toned arms. If you’re a guy who loves CrossFit or bodybuilding, you’ll get along with such a woman. She speaks your language!

The latest studies show that women who lift weights are considered attractive by most men. Millie Mackintosh, Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, and other fit celebrities have fans worldwide thanks to their acting skills and perfectly shaped bodies. A recent study conduced in the UK has found that 63 percent of men would date a woman who’s into strength training. About 74 percent say that watching a girl bench pressing is a feast for their eyes.

Women who strength train are healthier and have a better body image compared to their peers. Fitness isn’t all about looks. It can change a woman’s life for the better. Weight training improves body composition, increases metabolism, relieves stress, and keeps the brain sharp.

However, some men are intimidated by women who lift weights. Others would date them, but don’t know where to start or how to act. If that’s your case, check out these real life tips on how to date a girl who lifts:

Approach Her the Smart Way

Let’s say you see a hot girl at the gym. Regardless of how eager you are to approach her, stay away until she finishes her set. Don’t just go there and interrupt her workout. She could get injured or become really mad. Wait a few moments until you see her taking a break or checking her cell phone. Make sure you’re getting a “vibe” from her before starving a conversation. Don’t stare or stand in front in her when she’s watching her lifting form in the mirror. Puffing, huffing, and grunting are a big turn-off.Image result for guy gym creep

Offer Your Help

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If the girl you’re after is struggling with the gym machines, offer your help. Be subtle and don’t patronize her. Say something like: “Can I help?” or “Please let me show you how to do this or that.” If she refuses your help, leave her alone and wait for another opportunity to come up. Don’t give advice unless it’s absolutely necessary. In case she accepts your help, don’t jump on her. Eventually, offer a few tips and ask about her goals. The whole idea is to show that you have a common ground and share her passion for fitness.

Choose Your Words Wisely

When you date a girl who lifts, abstain from using words like “diet,” “weight loss,” and “skinny” in what concerns her. Most female lifters are proud of their bodies; they don’t need you or anyone else to keep an eye on their weight and size. Just like men, women who lift go through bulking and cutting phases. They may look slim and shredded in the summer, but they’ll pack on pounds in the off season. Don’t offend your girl by telling her she’s chubby.

Take Her Hobbies Seriously

Gym time can’t be rescheduled. Period. Abstain yourself from telling your girl to give up workouts to go on a date or stay home with you. For women who lift, the gym is a priority. If you can’t understand that, you’re not the right match.

Don’t Judge Her Eating Habits

Female lifters tend to eat more than the average girl. If you go out for lunch or dinner, expect her to order steak, fish, rice, or burgers. Don’t tell her things like: “Would you like a salad or something light? What about an appetizer?” A girl who lifts needs real food. After all, she wants to make gains and become stronger. Most probably, she has a high-protein diet and counts her macros, so leave her do her thing.Image result for fit girl pizza

Don’t Make Stupid Jokes

Abstain from telling your girl that she’s too big and muscular, or that women are not supposed to look buff. Stop treating her like a fragile being that needs your help. Women who lift are confident, determined, and self-secure. They really don’t care what men think about their weight or body shape. If you’re having a problem with that, look somewhere else.

Respect Her Choices

Women who spend a lot of time working out tend to wear sports clothes. It’s unlikely to see your girl showing off her body in a mini skirt or fancy dress unless it’s a special occasion. Don’t ask her to walk around with outfits from J. LO’s last collection. Respect her choices and her lifestyle. Being beautiful doesn’t mean using tons of makeup or wearing revealing clothes and high heels. If this is the kind of girl you’re after, stay away from female lifters.

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