7 Best Carb-Heavy Foods for Turbocharged Muscle Growth

7 Best Carb-Heavy Foods for Turbocharged Muscle Growth

Alright so you want to put on some serious mass this winter – only one problem: you’re a hard-gainer.

You are one of those guys who has always been skinny and have struggled to gain any mass.

You have tried boosting your carb intake but you still can’t move the needle on the scale.

Don’t worry, today we are going to name 7 unconventional foods that will help you meet and blow right past your daily calorie and carbohydrate intake foods. Next time you go to the grocery store bring the list below with you!

1.Bagels – One of the great benefits of bagels is that they are extremely versatile and easy to prepare. You don’t need to fire up the stove or even microwave for that matter. Simply grab a bagel, cut it in half and add your favorite topping. In fact, you can even eat them plain and they are still delicious. Bagels are loaded with carbs (40 to 50 grams each!) and there are tons of flavors and varieties out there to keep it exciting.

  1. Muffins – Not just any muffin, go for the bran ones. They are higher in fiber which means the carbs are higher quality. The best way to do this is to make your own muffins using a recipe specifically designed for high-fiber mixes. Instead of using sugar add honey and you can even throw in some whey protein powder to make it both carb and protein-rich. The fiber is important here because it means the snack will be slow-digesting and provide you with longer-lasting energy.
  2. Cereal – This is not a free pass to eat fruit loops and other sugary, processed breakfast cereals. Instead, opt for cereals that are high in fiber. Remember, these foods will be slow digesting and give you energy throughout the day (which is important given that you are probably having this for breakfast). You can also add in whey protein powder and double the serving size of the cereal. This should leave you with a 30g of protein / 60g of carbs meal – excellent for building mass.
  3. Pasta – This one requires some preparation but you can do that in bulk and have multiple meals ready in Tupperware containers. Pasta has the benefit of being very carb-heavy so it won’t take much to meet your daily intake goals. You can also add in some meat and veggies to improve the taste or add calories to the dish.
  4. Mashed Potatoes – A staple for a lot of bodybuilders, mashed potatoes have the advantage of being a bit easier to stomach than regular baked potatoes. They are dense in carbs but also take some preparation work so try to make several servings worth.
  5. Cream of Rice – An easy to digest food that only needs to be added to water to make. Throw in some cinnamon and a banana to improve the taste.
  6. White Rice – As long as you have a rice cooker this is one of the easiest foods to prepare. In fact, it’s a staple for just about every bodybuilder out there since it’s quick, cheap and flexible. Again, feel free to add in veggies and meat to increase the calories and improve taste.

This is Important

Did you know that carbs are extremely important for muscle growth?

Study shows that men who were put on a low carb diet got an increase in their cortisol levels.

Cortisol the stress hormone is counterproductive to gaining muscle and it makes you store fat.

Not to mention that higher cortisol levels will result in lower testosterone levels.

As you know testosterone is the one most important thing when it comes down to gaining muscle mass.

With low testosterone levels you can forget about building muscle.

That’s why those with higher testosterone levels can build more muscle.

This is a fact.

So how can I increase my testosterone levels?

One of the best way to naturally supercharge your testosterone levels without dangerous side effects is to take a testosterone booster.

You might be thinking “I heard  testosterone boosters  don’t work and are a complete waste of money”?

The reason for that is 10 years ago a famous supplement company(we are not mentioning the name of the company) came out with a testosterone booster with no scientifically proven ingredients to back up their claims.

Customers were not happy and it made a bad reputation for testosterone boosters.

The game has changed.

Now there are available testosterone boosting supplements that contain scientifically proven ingredients that have been successful in raising natural testosterone production.

Some guys have even claimed raising their natural testosterone production by 50%.

That’s a lot.

We’ve actually made a guide on the best testosterone boosting supplements on the market.

(the only supplements that made it to our list were those who used scientifically proven ingredients)

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