6 Ways to Maintain Your Diet While Traveling

6 Ways to Maintain Your Diet While Traveling

It’s finally arrived – that vacation you have been looking forward to for months! While traveling is a great way to de-stress and have fun, it can also present a major challenge for people on a diet. Airport security has tons of restrictions on what can be brought on a plane which makes advance meal prep a challenge. For those of you who like to travel a lot, or who have a trip coming up and don’t want to mess up their diet, this article is for you. Check out top 6 tips for guys who are traveling while on a cut.

1 – Bring a Shake

While we are firm believes in the importance of eating whole foods, protein shakes are simply too convenient to ignore. When traveling, having a few replacement shakes ready can be the difference between sticking to your diet or eating junk food. When on a road trip you can load up an entire cooler with shakes and pull them out as needed. However, with airline travel this is a bit trickier given the restrictions on liquids. When dealing with airports you have two options – drink the shake before getting to the security line or store the whey protein in your carry-on bag and mix it with water in the terminal (or even on the airplane). Obviously this limits the number of ingredients you can add, but it guarantees that you will have something nutritious and filling available to you. Not to mention it will save you from paying outrageous prices for mediocre airport food.

2 – Keep Meals Cold the Right Way

If you are bringing pre-made meals that must be kept cold on a plane with you, make sure you use the correct type of freezer packs. Most people will use a traditional ice pack which, after melting, is essentially just a bag of water. As we mentioned earlier, liquids cannot be carried through security so this will be confiscated by the airport security and your meals will end up going bad. Instead, use a bag of frozen vegetables. They do a great job keeping things cold and when they melt you are simply left with a bag of veggies – this is not a violation of airport rules and you will be able to keep them with you.

3 – Stay Hydrated

This is without a doubt one area where most people mess up when it comes to travelling. People tend to get headaches or even become sick when travelling. A lot of the time this is a result of being dehydrated. While airplanes do serve water on board most people opt for sugary sodas and coffee which actually makes you even more dehydrated.

We mentioned earlier that you can’t bring water through security. However, you definitely can bring a large water bottle! Bring an empty water bottle with you and fill it up after passing the security line. Now, some of you might be worried about having to constantly get up from your seats to go to the bathroom during your flight. Obviously this can be annoying, so here’s what we suggest you do. Before heading to the airport from your home, drink two large glasses of water. By the time you get to the airport, you will need to use the washroom. Go once or twice before boarding your flight to “empty the tank” as they say. Then, sip your water bottle throughout the flight. You will still need to get up at one point anyway in order to stretch, so use that as an opportunity to use the washroom. If possible, book an aisle seat so you won’t have to worry about disturbing people when you get up.

4 – Bring Protein Bars

Protein bars, like protein shakes, are extremely convenient and can help prevent you from eating junk food at the airport. Also, given that you don’t always know what kind of food will be served on the plane (or if any meal will be served for that matter) bringing a protein bar guarantees that you will have something healthy available to you.

The main advantage of protein bars is that they present no issue with regards to getting through security and do not need to be kept cold. In fact, we like to bring a box of protein bars with us when traveling and eat them throughout. When our friends rely on junk food as snacks we pull out a protein bar for a filling, nutritious snack.

5 – Take a Fat Burner

We all hate dealing with airports – long lineups, flight delays, tons of waiting around. Depending on where you are going you can sometimes end up spending up to 24 hours mostly seated. This lack of physical activity can lead to a significant slowdown in your metabolism leading to increased fat gain. In addition to having many healthy food options available to you as we mentioned above, we also recommend taking a fat burner.

A high quality fat burner will help keep your metabolism elevated so that you continue to burn calories at a high level despite being entirely sedentary. They also help reduce your appetite so you won’t feel as hungry and will therefore be less likely to eat junk food or overpriced airport meals. Typically they are in pill form and can easily be stored in your carry-on bag or checked bag. Click here to check out our dedicated testosterone booster page. We break down all the top ingredients as well as our favorite product picks currently on the market.

6 – Bring Tupperware

If you booked an AirBnB spot so that you had access to a full kitchen you are definitely thinking ahead. That will help you save money on meals and to eat healthier. However, one thing people often don’t account for is tupperware. If you are preparing meals when traveling then you will need something to store them in, particularly if you are doing advanced meal prep. Stack a few containers of tupperware in your luggage so that you can store the foods you make for later.

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