6 Tips to get a good fitness photo for Instagram!

6 Tips to get a good fitness photo for Instagram!


The saying “bodybuilding is 90% lighting” springs to mind here… Basically, it doesn’t matter is you’re 220lbs, 5%body fat, shredded – If your lighting is crap, you’re going to look crap! However it can also swing the other way, and in good lighting, you can make yourself look a million times better!! So you need to find yourself somewhere with good lighting… Down lighting is usually the lighting option people opt for, really giving the illusion of full, popping muscles. However you can go with natural lighting, of which gives an added healthy looking element to the image.



BOOM! This is the killer!! People LOVE a smile! It’s human nature to feel more positive towards someone of whom is exerting positive, happy emotions. A good smile can get you far!



Everyone looks better with a tan! This is pretty much a unanimous view, with it making striations and muscle separation look more defined, muscles fuller and gives a generally healthier look to the physique! So go hard Casper!



It doesn’t matter how good your physique is, the way you present it can make or break it! The general conception for an aesthetically pleasing physique is small waist and big shoulders, learning poses that follow this general rule will give you the foundation for poses to make your physique look good! But to take it to the next level you need to do some experimenting, and fin out the poses and ways pf presenting that specifically compliment your physique and hide your weak points! Try a few different poses, take photos and then look back at them, you’ll quickly get to grips with which poses suit your phyque and make you look a level above the other poses!



Ahhhh, everyone loves a good pump! Especially Arnie! – “the pump is great, it’s like cumming. To me it’s as satisfying as having sex with a woman and cuming” hahahaha! But on a serious note, getting a light pump by performing generally low weight, high rep exercises will force blood into the muscle, increasing it’s size, definition and vascularity… All if which will create the illusion of a bigger, more muscular and impressive physique!



No one wants to see a picture of you in your messy bedroom with laundry, pots and dirt everywhere – so pick your setting carefully! Your setting can also effect on other elements to consider, such as lighting! The setting can change the whole aspect of a photo, and everyone loves a good background! Often nature related scenes offer a good backing, with strong natural daylight!

When Failure is not a option! Pull ups with a view!

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