6 Things you NEED to know before dating a Gym Guy

6 Things you NEED to know before dating a Gym Guy

#1 – We aren’t giving up our gym time


This is a lifestyle… we’ve been busting our asses, setting goals, making plans, and then setting out to achieve them, regularly progressing and developing – and that isn’t going to change…

For some its our lone time, for some its an escape, for some it’s time to unwind… but for us all – it is our passion. Understand that we will make time for you, but not at the expense of our passion, and after all, a partner in a relationship should respect your passions, not take them away.

#2 – We care about appearance

We train hard… eat right… and why? To both feel and look good! Call it vanity if you want, but I prefer calling it self driven for improvement. So when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we’re not just admiring ourselves, but much more likely to be analysing, critiquing and formulating goals for improvement. Because if you are improving, what are you doing?

#3 – We count macros


Health & Fitness isn’t just 1 hour a day in the gym, but eating right for the other 23 hours as well. If you’re lucky enough top be dating an IIFYM’er, then you’re lucky, because that shouldn’t impact your activities too much, but don’t look at them weird when they get their phones out to put in the pizza you just both sat down and had on a date… and for those dating a bro, well, I feel sorry for you when he cracks out his Tupperware of stinking chicken and broccoli in the middle of the museum.

#4 – Gym talk

This is where having similar interest (the gym) would be a HUGE beneficial factor. It’s our lifestyle, and so we’re obviously going to be talking about it quite a bit! Whether that be about a new PR you smashed that day, or a new all time weigh in, or a new supplement you just ordered that you can’t wait to try… it’s inevitable, eat, sleep and breathe it, so we will talk about it, so be warned!

#5 – Fitness couple is goals


If you already go to the gym, then great! Let’s train together… If not? Then lets train together anyway! Gym is a huge part of our lives, and so getting involved and training together will only make the bond stronger. Also the gym can bring out a lot on people, bringing characteristics to the surface that you would otherwise not see, allowing you to learn a lot about each other! (whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is left to be determined…)

#6 – Don’t make us choose


You have to understand that this is a massive part of our lives and it is a lifestyle… if you don’t like it, and can’t accept and work with that, then it’s probably not going to work for you… But NEVER, EVER, make us choose! Understand that we will make time for you, and invest a lot in the relationship – its not a matter of choosing between you and the gym, but more a concept of balancing them both and having a healthy, well rounded and balanced life.

But if you do make us chose between you and the gym… I’ve been saving that new pre-workout for a special occasion…

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