6 Strange Bicep Exercises You Should Start Doing

6 Strange Bicep Exercises You Should Start Doing

So you want to build huge arms? Well guess what, so does every other guy in your gym.

The problem is they keep doing more sets and reps of the same exercises.

As a result they are always working the sames parts of the biceps while under-training the other parts.

In order to get those biceps to grow you need to hit them with different exercises targeting the various heads.

Check out the article below for 6 exercises that will get you working the biceps from all angles.



1 – Preacher Curl / Supinated Dumbbell Curl Superset

You didn’t think we were going to be easy on you here, did you?

We start things out with a superset of two exercises people typically do not perform together.

When performing the preacher curls make sure you use the EZ bar.

Once you complete 8 reps move over to a bench and start doing seated dumbbell curls while increasing the reps by 1 each time (1 rep each side, then 2 reps each side, etc) all the way until you do 4 reps on each side.

The combination of these two exercises should get your biceps feeling like they are on fire!

Given that the preacher bench is angled forward the exercise will put more emphasis on the brachii.

This is definitely a difficult exercise to complete relative to it’s popular alternative standing curls as there is stress placed on the biceps throughout the exercise.

2 – Guillotine High-Cable Curl

This is a great exercise for working both parts of the bicep.

Given the positioning of this exercise your arms will be perpendicular to the torso which is the opposite of what you are used to (typically arms are parallel to the torso during bicep exercises).

Make sure you hold the exercise at the peak of the contraction for maximum effect.  

3 – Spider Curls with Slow Negatives and Isometric Holds

This is an effective exercise for targeting the short head of the biceps.

Unlike preacher curls, this exercise gives you tension throughout the movement – even at the top.

The reduced-pace negative maximizes the time under tension during the portion of the lift where we are stronger.

Remember to throw in the occasional isometric hold to really hit those biceps hard.

Additionally, you can use a fat grip to make the exercise more challenging and to work the forearms more effectively.

4 – Lying Incline Curl

Set the bench at a typical incline angle and let your arms hang straight down.

Keep your arms next to the bench with your elbows pointing towards the floor.

When curling the weight, bring them up to a point where your arm and forearm are forming a 90 degree angle.

Any more than this is simply working other muscles.

Keep your hands in a supinated position to maximize the effect on the forearms.

5 – Hammer Curls with Locked Elbows

This is a great exercise for working the brachialis. Unfortunately most people pick a weight that is too heavy, start moving the elbows to lift the weight and ultimately don’t get great results.

You need to make sure your elbows stay at your side and do not move forward.

While your range of motion will be reduced you will feel it far more in the biceps.

6 – One-Arm Machine Curl

The reason we chose the machine for this one is because it allows you to use the non-working arm to help out during the concentric phase.

 It allows you to curl a weight that is higher than you normally could handle while still doing the slow negative (unassisted of course).

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Chances are you were already doing one of these exercises however the form was likely not the best.

Remember that with bad form you will not hit the targeted areas of the bicep and ultimately will not make great gains.

Your top priority should always be form particularly with an exercise that is an accessory lift like these ones.

If you were doing these exercises before try doing them again with proper form and watch as your results improve dramatically.

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