6 Hacks To Destroy Fat Cells That Cause Man Boobs and Stomach Fat

6 Hacks To Destroy Fat Cells That Cause Man Boobs and Stomach Fat

So you are wondering the best way to get rid of stomach fat and man boobs?

Well great, join the club.

Pretty much everyone, man or woman, isn’t fully satisfied with their appearance and has a bit of stomach fat they would like to lose.


Unfortunately, stomach fat is stubborn and is often one of the last areas that melts away.

Having said that, there are a number of changes you can make to your lifestyle and particularly your diet to accelerate the progress.

Check out the article below where we’ve put together 6 ways to hack your body into getting rid of stomac and chest fat that is hindering you from looking the absolute best!

get rid of stomach fat

6 Hacks to Get Rid of Chest and Stomach Fat

1 – Get Your Life Straight

We know this sounds like the type of advice you give to someone who goes on benders every weekend, but we can assure you it does apply to fat loss.

Forget about going on a fat loss diet and expecting great results if your life isn’t in order.

Here’s the deal:

If you are constantly getting stressed out about work, family obligations or life in general that WILL impact your progress.

Believe it or not, stress causes cortisol levels to shoot up – which means your body will be looking to store fat.

The worst part?

Aside from your body fat levels, stress impacts your overall health negatively so try and identify problem areas in your life and find a solution.

Also, if you are not getting enough sleep (either because you are too busy or due to stress) make it a priority to get a minimum of 7 hours each night, preferably a bit more.

Fixing these type of factors will make it much easier to succeed with the rest of the tips in this article.

2 – Use Gynectrol: The only Supplement That targets Chest Fat

hacks to get rid of chest and stomach fat

I think you will agree with me when I say “man boobs are very unattractive”

Turns out most guys who have man boobs hate it and girls find man boobs disgusting.

The best part?

Luckily we live in 2017 and premium supplement companies have now been able to formulate supplements that destroy man boobs.

They work by targeting the type of fat cells that are in your chest area.

Since your man boobs are a big pile of fat you are fortunately able to get rid of them.

Pretty cool right?

A supplement called Gynectrol is designed to reduce male breast size in men.

In other words: get rid of that disgusting gyno, man boobs or whatever you call them.


A success story they featured on their official website. A user who had nasty man boobs got completely rid of them.

You can get more info on their success stories on Gynectrol official website.

Gynectrol Pros:

  • Promotes fat loss
  • Reduces male breast size
  • Increased confidence
  • Ripped chest muscles
  • Increased fat burning potential
  • Lowers body fat
  • Gets completely rid of gyno
  • Buy 2 get 1 for free deal
  • Free worldwide shipping

Gynectrol Cons:

  • Premium priced product
  • Takes 30 days to start see results
  • Only available on their official websitehow to get rid of man boobs

Most guys need a 2 month supply of Gynectrol to completely get rid of their man boobs.

If you want to be completely safe you can get their buy 2 get 1 for free deal.

This gives you a 90 day supply for only the price of 60 days.

Learn more:

Visit Gynectrol official website —> Gynectrol official website

Read our in-depth Gynectrol review —> Gynectrol review

3 – Mix Up Your Calories

When most people try to lose weight what do they do?

If they’ve done any sort of research they’ll try to reduce calorie intake and create a deficit.

While this does work at first for most people, these types of restrictions tend to backfire big time down the road, leading to a plunge in metabolism.

Why does this happen? First of all, cutting calories generally leads to hunger cravings.

At first your body is fine but after a few weeks it gets annoyed as it’s no longer getting the nutrients it needs.

As a result your body acts out with hunger cravings which are too much for most people to handle.

Unfortunately most people go way overboard and end up overeating, putting them right back at the weight they started at or worse! Secondly, after a few weeks of dieting your thyroid and leptin hormones start adapting to the new calorie intake and as a result your metabolism drops significantly.

After all, if you have less calories coming in why should they be working hard to burn more?

Remember, your body doesn’t want to change – it’s working as hard as possible to remain status quo.

While all this is going on, your insulin and cortisol freak out – which means your body starts putting on fat very quickly.

The result of this is a grinding halt to your fat loss progress. The natural response here is to cut calories even further or perform more cardio – but you can see how this will only compound the issue over time.

So how can you avoid falling into this trap? By tricking your body so it can’t get used to a certain daily calorie intake level.

Remember one of the reasons that high intensity interval training is so effective is that the constant change of pace makes it difficult for your body to find an efficient way to perform the exercise without burning too many calories.

As a result, your body is constantly working hard and burning a ton of fat to fuel it.

So when it comes to your diet, try changing the calorie intake level every week or so, just as your body is getting used to consuming that many calories.

That doesn’t mean consuming a cheat meal or spending a single day eating at maintenance calories.

It means actually increasing the amount of calories you are consuming every day for a week.

If you do this correctly you will trick your body into not lowering its metabolism since it hasn’t established a new baseline level for daily calorie consumption.

As a result, you can continue to burn calories at a higher rate, thereby shedding that unwanted stomach fat – without plateauing or feeling hungry all of the time.

get rid of stomach fat

4 – Eat The Right Foods

Eating a calorie deficit is crucial to losing fat however the types of foods you are eating make a big difference. Some foods are simply more effective at helping you to get rid of stomach fat compared to others.

Eating the right foods will provide you with the crucial nutrients your body needs to keep going, not to mention they will help you keep full in the face of lower calorie intake levels.

Finally, they will prevent you from holding too much water and waste in your body which gives you that bloated stomach look.

So which foods should you be eating?

Well, here are 7 great foods to get you started.

Avocados – If you are a fan of Mexican food chances are you’ve already had a lot of these.

Unfortunately their nutritional benefits have not translated to the people of Mexico at large, who have the highest obesity rate in the world.

Having said that this particular food has a number of benefits for those looking to shed fat. First of all they are loaded with helpful nutrients including 15g of fibre each!

Additionally, they are high in healthy fats which are crucial for keeping testosterone levels high and getting rid of stomach fat. A lot of people get freaked out by the high fat and calorie content of Avocado but you have to remember that it’s a very healthy food and probably one of the best things you can be eating in terms of nutrients.

  • Peanut Butter – You could put cashews, almonds, or any type of nuts here for that matter. They help keep you full for a long time and are loaded with healthy fats which help burn stomach fat. Just make sure you are consuming natural peanut butter as the regular kind has some ingredients that are bad for you. These foods are also great as they can be mixed with others. For example, you can mix peanut butter with bananas for a more filling snack. If you are feeling really adventurous try one of our favorites – peanut butter mixed with cottage cheese!
  • Dark Chocolate – Believe it or not, dark chocolate is actually helpful when it comes to losing stomach fat. That doesn’t mean you should go binge eat the stuff, but a little bit in moderation can provide your body with a ton of helpful antioxidants. Stick to the chocolate that is 75% or higher cocoa for the best effect.
  • Green Tea – Yet another powerful antioxidant. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of consuming green tea for increased fat loss. It’s a great way to boost your metabolism not to mention it’s widely available and inexpensive in pill form.
  • Cinnamon – This is a great one to add to your oats in the morning. Cinnamon actually contains helpful antioxidants that improve insulin sensitivity and stabilize your blood sugar. As a result you will be able to burn away more of that stubborn stomach fat.
  • Yogurt – Not all types of yogurt are good for you. In fact, many are quite harmful – we’re talking about the ones that are loaded with added sugar. However, Greek yogurt is great for burning fat. It’s loaded with probiotics and can easily be mixed with berries for improved taste.
  • Lean Protein – Chicken, Salmon, White Turkey Meat, etc. These are all great for burning stomach fat. The great thing about protein is that 30% of the calories they contained are burned up just from digesting them. As a result, you are filling yourself up without going overboard on calories!

get rid of stomach fat

5 – Get your Metabolism Fired Up

If you’ve spent the last few years yo-yo dieting then chances are your metabolism just isn’t what it used to be.

This is actually making it a lot harder for you to lose fat. Fortunately there are a number of foods out there that can help boost your metabolism – you just have to make sure you avoid the ones that have the opposite effect.

The whole idea that “a calorie is a calorie” is false in our view. Depending on the source of that calorie it can have a very different effect on your system.

Some of them will ramp up your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories around the clock.

Others will stop your metabolism dead in its tracks and even cause you to store more fat!

So just what effect do different calories have on your metabolism?

Fats will boost your BMR by 5%, while complex carbs will boost it by 10% (much less for simple carbs that digest quickly).

Finally, protein will boost your metabolism by an impressive 30% – gotta like that! Why does protein have that impact?

Well, it’s a very complex nutrient and your body has to work hard to break it down.

That means for every 1,000 calories you consume from protein 300 of them are being used just to break the food down.

Obviously this varies from person to person but this just aims to give you an idea of the powerful effect protein can have!

This is why protein is so important when you are on a calorie-restricted diet. It can help you feel full while staying under your calorie threshold.

Some foods in fact fire up metabolism so much that they barely result in any calorie surplus at all!

So if you are looking to boost your metabolism you are going to want to shift your diet to focus more on these types of foods.

The great thing about having a higher metabolism is that when you do decide to eat less healthy foods it will have less of an impact on your body.

When you have low metabolism eating a pizza can set you way over your daily calorie intake limit however with a strong metabolism you can still fit it in under your maintenance requirements.

Pretty cool, right?

6 – Get Rid of Artificial Foods

Unfortunately the vast majority of foods are your local grocery store are created by corporations with one goal in mind – profit. As a result, they don’t exactly contain the most healthy and natural ingredients.

In fact, in order to keep costs down and extend shelf life they will contain a wide assortment of additives and preservatives that were created in a lab somewhere. Do you really think these foods are good for you?

To make matters worse, many of them also contain added sugar which at this point you should know is terrible for your fat loss goals. Going forward you are going to want to avoid these foods and stick to more wholesome, natural foods. You’ll notice a difference right away not only in your physique but also your energy levels, mood and appearance.

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