7 Gym Mistakes Way Too Many Guys Do That You Should Avoid

7 Gym Mistakes Way Too Many Guys Do That You Should Avoid

There are a few things you have to keep in mind when you are starting out in the gym. Make sure you avoid these 7 gym mistakes if you are starting out in the gym.

gym mistakes to avoid

7 Gym Mistakes to Avoid

Going without a plan

Simply put, if you go to the gym without a plan you are setting yourself up for failure.

Most “part-time” gym enthusiasts go to the gym and start looking around for what equipment they might want to use.

They usually look lost and unsurprisingly are no-shows after a couple months. Contrast that with the people at your gym with the best bodies.

Do they walk around aimlessly?

Chances are they know not only what parts of the body they are working on but also which exercises and how many sets they are going to do.

They also track their progress in terms of body weight, nutrition and measurements.

So if you are looking to make significant progress at the gym, make sure you have a plan before you even step in the door.

Create a routine training split and determine which muscle groups you will work on each day.

Additionally, plan out the exercises you will do and the approximate number of sets and reps.

There are tons of great resources out there for determining which exercises to incorporate into your routine and how to structure your sets so make sure you never go to the gym again without a plan!

Doing Cardio at the Beginning of your Workout

If you are trying to lose body fat, performing cardio at the beginning of your workout is not only a waste of energy, it could actually hurt your body composition.

Remember, when cutting you are looking to shed body fat, not muscle. It’s therefore important to start with your weight training first when you have the most energy.

Remember that weight training will actually boost your metabolism so you are burning more calories around the clock.

Save the cardio for after your workout or even later in the day so it won’t interfere with you resistance training. In the long run, you will be happy that you did.

Keep Track of your Rests

If your workouts are taking over an hour you are spending way too much time at the gym – likely because you are either overtraining or because your rests are too long.

While some exercises are highly demanding and require longer breaks there is no reason you should be spending 10-15 minutes talking with your friends in between each set.

Use a timer to track your rests if you think you might be giving yourself too much time.

However, if you feel you need to give yourself more time after a particularly difficult set that is fine as well.

If your workouts are taking too long even after tracking all of your rests chances are you are doing too many exercises and are therefore overtraining.

7 Gym Mistakes Way Too Many Guys Do That You Should Avoid

Having Low Testosterone levels

Since testosterone is the key hormone for building muscle you should do everything in your power to keep those levels as high as possible.

Did you know that many men have low testosterone production?

If you are one of those unlucky guys that has low testosterone production there are a number of things you can do to fix that.

Make sure you are sleeping enough, eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking in the right ingredients.

The best way to supercharge the natural testosterone production in your body and build more muscle without steroids is taking in an all natural testosterone booster. – See the 3 best testosterone boosters here.

These supplements contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to increase the natural testosterone production in your body.

Just make sure that the supplement you are using contains scientifically proven ingredients in generous dosages.

We have actually made a free guide on the testosterone boosting ingredients & supplements that work and you can access it by clicking here,  if you do not know which ingredients and supplements work.

Waiting for Equipment

If you find that you constantly need to wait for equipment to become available this can really be hurting your results.

It stretches out the rest times and often forces you to use a different weight than you would like to ideally.

If you find your gym is very busy then try going at a time when there are fewer people there. If that’s not possible for you, it might be time to look at switching gyms.

Not Researching the Key Ingredients In Supplements You Take

Let’s be real for a second. Do you really know what supplements work and which don’t work? Believe it or not, I’ve seen guys taking glutamine and expecting mind blowing muscle building results. The supplements that do work are;

  • Whey Protein, most legit one is Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition (helps you reach your protein intake for the day),
  • BCAA’s (helps preserve muscle mass),
  • Pre-workout boosters, I’ve seen best results with C4 from Cellucor (helps you get pumped up for training),
  • Fat burners, read the label and make sure they contain these ingredients (get shredded faster),
  • Natural testosterone boosters, read the label and make sure they contain these ingredients (increase t-levels in your body; build muscle faster)

Not Switching Up your Routine

If you are doing the same exercises for the same number of reps/same weight, you won’t make much progress at the gym.

Mix up your routine, shock the muscles and progressively overload them – meaning your lifts should be increasing over time.

There are tons of great routines out there you can follow, so there really is no excuse not to change things up every once in a while.

So there you have it guys, make sure to avoid these gym mistakes and you will get better results.

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