6 Fat Loss Mistakes You Are Making - And How to Fix Them

6 Fat Loss Mistakes You Are Making – And How to Fix Them

Many people are doing these 6 fat loss mistakes without even realising the negative impact they have on their physique.

Did you start a diet a few weeks or months ago and are finding that you are stalling? Or perhaps you are about to start one and want to make sure you get it right the first time. Either way, there are a lot of common areas where people mess up their diets.

Today we bring you a list of 6 mistakes you’re making (or are likely to make) when you go on a fat loss diet.

How many of these mistakes have you been making?

6 Fat Loss Mistakes You Are Making – And How to Fix Them

1 – Eating Too Little

Yes, you read that correctly one of the most common of the fat loss mistakes is eating too little. Believe it or not eating too little can derail your cut, cause you to lose muscle and actually GAIN fat. We put this first here because most people have probably figured out at this point you need to restrict calories in order to lose fat.

While this is true you don’t want to cut calories too aggressively or it can mess things up.

First of all, that muscle you put on during your bulk needs a certain amount of nutrients in order to maintain itself. Therefore eating too little can actually cause you to go catabolic – breaking down muscle mass in order to provide key nutrients.

This is why it’s absolutely crucial to monitor not only the size of your calorie deficit but also the macronutrient breakdown. Make sure you are getting plenty of protein and healthy fats.

It’s common for people to feel tired and cranky on a large calorie deficit. Your body will desperately cling to whatever fat stores are left as it feels you might be starving.

Remember, this is a byproduct of evolution. Although there is plenty of food out there for us to eat your body is still behaving like we are living in the caveman era. Therefore it’s important you don’t signal to your body that it is starving.

Instead, focus on consuming a 500 calorie deficit – this will lead to about 1 pound of fat loss per week which is a very sustainable goal. If necessary add 100 calories to your deficit every once in awhile but make sure you are still consuming 5-6 meals per day.

Finally, don’t do this for too long – 6 months is far too long to be dieting for. Every 6-8 weeks have a “maintenance week” where you eat at maintenance calories. While some people avoid doing this because they want to continue losing fat it will actually help ensure your weight loss continues to progress.

Your body will be tricked into thinking you are now consuming maintenance calories. As a result it will boost metabolism back up to normal levels and you won’t have to cut calories too aggressively in order to maintain your 1lb per week pace.

Fat Loss Mistakes

2 – Too Many Snacks

For some reason a lot of people believe that the random snacks they eat between meals don’t count towards their total calorie intake. Newsflash: they do! Remember that foods like almonds or peanuts are very calorie dense and having a few handfuls of these is often enough to put you into a calorie surplus for the day.

If you are eating junk food like ice cream or chips the effect is even worse so be careful! Stick to your diet plan and keep the junk for your scheduled cheat meal.

3 – Watch out for the Sauce

You need to be extra careful here. When making an otherwise healthy meal many people ruin it by putting on an unhealthy sauce. These can contain lots of sugar and are high in calories – not to mention they often aren’t factored into your daily calorie intake.

Try looking for light versions of your favorite dressings. Check the nutritional content – do they contain a lot of sugar? If so, look for an alternative. The sauces at restaurants are often a lot worse – so avoid them altogether or get them on the side if you must so you can at least control how much you are consuming.

That caesar salad appetizer might seem delicious – but the calories from the sauce, cheese and bacon bits are not going to help that calorie deficit you are going for.

4 – Liquid Calories

If you are drinking sugary soft drinks you are seriously shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to your diet. Not only do they contain empty calories that don’t fill you up – they are loaded with sugar!

That means you will be shooting up your insulin levels right before eating – one of the worst things to do before having a big meal. A lot of people notice they lose a lot of weight just from cutting sugary soft drinks out of their diet and it’s no surprise.

Don’t fall for the trick that fruit juices are healthy either – they are also loaded with added sugar. Even those that aren’t still contain a lot of natural sugar from the fruits themselves. Therefore stick to eating the fruits directly if you want those nutrients.

Sports drinks are another one to avoid. They are loaded with sugar and really provide minimal nutrients. Don’t let those sponsorships fool you – they aren’t going to make you perform at a higher level. As for your beverage – water or black coffee/tea are the way to go.

Fat Loss Mistakes

5 – Not Enough Fat

We aren’t talking about your body here – don’t worry, you have plenty of fat to lose buddy. What we are talking about is the actual fat content in your food. You see, for some reason fat got a bad reputation among consumers and companies started to look to low-fat alternatives in order to boost sales.

So how do they keep the product from tasting like cat piss? Simple, add in sugar. Yes sugar, the absolute worst thing to be eating if you are trying to lose fat.

Healthy fats are crucial if you are looking to lose fat. Things like fish oil, nuts and fat from meat are key. They help make you feel more full, boost your testosterone levels and ramp up your metabolism. So yes, you can actually lose body fat by consuming fat.

How about that! Don’t make the amateur mistake of replacing healthy fats with simple carbs and fat-free foods. That is, unless you want the “dad bod”. If that’s the case just do the opposite of what you read in every article on this site!

6 – Consume The Right Fat Burning Ingredients

Remember, your body doesn’t want to slim down. It’s quite happy how it is – no matter how flabby that may be. You basically are forcing your body to do something it doesn’t want to. To make matters worse the leaner you get the more your body desperately clings to those last few pounds of fat.

As a result you really need to find ways to trick your body into continuing to shed those pounds. There are a number of strategies to do this but one of the best ways to go about it is to use a natural fat burning supplement that contains the right ingredients.

The supplement industry has seen just how helpful these are and has responded, unfortunately, by releasing a ton of products that just suck. Like all things in life you get what you pay for so in order for this to work you are going to need to go with a high quality product.

Look for something that uses natural ingredients that are proven to boost your metabolism and cut fat. Ingredients like green tea extract, hot peppers, caffeine, glucomannan, vitamin D are proven to enhance the natural fat burning effects in the body. Check out our guide on the ingredients to look for in a fat burning supplements.

If you are just starting a diet these products can help you shed those pounds faster. However, if you are already several weeks or months into your diet adding a fat burner can help trick your body into losing those last few stubborn pounds. Remember – look for a high quality product or you will basically be throwing money down the drain.

Most Important:

  1. You might think eating little is good for fat loss, but it can work against you in the long run eating too little food.
  2. Eating too many snacks during the day will add up to huge amount of  unnecessary calories.
  3. Some sauces contain sh*tload of calories try to avoid them.
  4. Don’t drink calories (soda, juice, etc) drink only water.
  5. Consume enough of good fats they will help you losing fat.
  6. Supplement with a proven fat burner with the right ingredients, make sure to avoid cheap and ineffective fat burning supplements.

Dieting isn’t easy – it requires a lot of discipline and attention to detail. Nevertheless if you follow the steps above and workout hard in the gym you will definitely make progress over time.

Remember anyone can have a shredded physique with 6-pack abs if they put in the work both in and outside the gym. Remember to avoid doing any of these 6 fat loss mistakes to produce the best results possible:

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