5 Best Ways To Look Like A Bodybuilder Without Training

6 Best Ways To Look Like A Bodybuilder Without Training

If you want to look like a bodybuilder without putting in the hard work in the gym and dieting there are a few ways you can pretend to look like a pro bodybuilder. It comes with a catch though, because you will definitely NOT get ripped and swole. You will only trick people into believing that you are training hard and that you are a dedicated bodybuilder without actually doing anything. Here are 5 ways to look like a hardcore bodybuilder without training or dieting.

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Wear Supplement shirts wherever you go

If you wear supplement shirts people will automatically assume that you are a bodybuilder that takes in a load of supplements. Only by wearing a supplement shirt you can trick countless of people into thinking that you are putting in hard work at the gym every week and that you are a dedicated bodybuilder.


Post pictures of meals/workouts on instagram

Even though you only train once a week with a workout that consists only of ab crunches and cardio you can still trick people into believing that you are putting in gruelling workout sessions each day by posting a picture of yourself in the gym every time you workout. You can also post pictures of the chicken breast you eat once a week on instagram and people will think that you eat these kind of foods every day!

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Have shaker bottles wherever you go

Even if you only put fruit juice in your shaker bottle people will still think that you are drinking some kind of a magic muscle building formula and that you are serious about your gains. So if you want to pretend being a hardcore bodybuilder a shaker bottle is an absolute must!


Watch bodybuilding videos at school/work

I have a great tip for all the people that want to take this a step further. If you are at work/school put some kind of a bodybuilding training tutorial video on the screen of your laptop (not Mike Chang’s sixpack shortcuts, unless you want people to think you are a beginner that knows nothing) and pretend that you are taking notes even though you are just drawing naked women. People will think that you are serious about expanding your knowledge on training and that you are really serious about bodybuilding.

Be a fat kunt and tell everyone you are “bulking”

It’s accepted in the bodybuilding world to be bulking, that’s an excuse you can use to trick people you are serious about bodybuilding but still eating shit foods every day and being a fat kunt. “I am just bulking bro, I have to eat pizza and ice cream every day if I want to build muscle, I have such a high metabolism” This will make people think that you are only bulking for a certain period of time even though this is just your regular diet.



Eat every meal out of Tupperware 

Even though you are eating pizza just put in Tupperware , people will assume that you are eating some kind of a healthy meal you prepared at home. It’s really important to also drink out of your shaker bottle when eating out of your Tupperware to further emphasize that you are a bodybuilder that takes his diet seriously.

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