5 Ways You Are Wasting Time in the Gym

5 Ways You Are Wasting Time In The Gym

Are you wasting your time in the gym?

We’ve all seen people performing bizarre exercises at the gym that make absolutely no sense.

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However, there are also a lot of people doing common, everyday exercises that just so happen to be wasting their time.

These well-meaning people drag their asses to the gym every week with the hope of improving their physiques, so it might come as a surprise to them that the exercises they have been focusing on do not result in more gains.

Take a look at the list of exercises below that are some of the biggest time-wasters in gyms around the world.

Make sure you are not wasting your time in the gym and that you are getting as much out of your workouts as possible.

5 Ways You Are Wasting Time In The Gym


5 Ways you are Wasting Time in the Gym


One thing you will notice about planks is that most of the people doing them aren’t very muscular – that should tell you something right there.

The problem with planks is that it doesn’t involve actually overloading the muscles – you are just training to get better at planks essentially.

If you want to improve your physique you would be far better off performing compound, multi-joint exercises that recruit the core muscles to balance you.

Bosu Ball / Unstable Exercises

Just because an exercise is more challenging when performed on a bosu ball does not mean it is more effective.

If you really want to build muscle mass you need to be able to overload the muscles and the only way to do that effectively is to push from a stable position.

When you push from a stable bench, for example, you are able to lift more weight and therefore bring more tension onto the target muscles.

Not to mention when you are lifting heavy dumbbells above your head while on a bosu ball you are putting yourself at serious risk of injury should you lose your balance and drop the weight. Don’t even get us started on people who do barbell squats on bosu balls!

Box Jumps

This exercise might be fun and a popular choice for professional athletes but they are not ideal if you are trying to build mass.

All the exercise really does is test your explosive power which is not something that is really important if you are in the gym to build muscle mass.

If you want to build strength and size on the lower body stick to doing barbell squats instead of box jumps.


While rope drills can actually be an effective way to test your body, most people simply don’t do them with anywhere near enough intensity to get a noticeable result out of them.

Instead of slamming the ropes on the ground the half-ass the exercise as if it was a warm-up – but why bother with that when you could be performing quality resistance exercises that will actually build mass?

Tire Flipping

A lot of crossfit gyms have these and they have become a popular exercise in recent years for developing… well we aren’t sure.

Most people tend to pick a weight that is too light and therefore easy to perform, while others pick a weight that is too heavy and throw their backs out.

Yes this exercise can be used for conditioning or cardio, but you are probably better off just performing HIIT training on a treadmill. In terms of muscular development, tire flipping is nowhere near as effective as exercises like bench press, squat, deadlift, rows, etc.

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Neglecting Your Testosterone Production

Since testosterone is the most important factor when it comes down to building muscle it would be pretty strange to not do everything in your power to keep those levels as high as possible.

Am I right?

In fact most guys do not pay any attention to their natural testosterone production, which is pretty strange since testosterone determines how much and how fast you will build muscle.

Having higher testosterone levels in only going to make you more powerful, alpha, self confident, and more appealing to women.

Not to mention the incredible benefits it has on muscle building.

To truly supercharge your natural levels of testosterone you should be using every technique out there to keep them as high as possible.

What you should do to keep them high is : Sleeping enough, consuming saturated fats, lifting weights(preferably using compound exercises like squats, deadlift and bench press), living an active lifestyle and taking in ingredients that boost testosterone production.

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