5 Ways to Increase your Max Deadlift

5 Ways to Increase your Max Deadlift

The deadlift is arguably the best exercise out there for building strength and muscle.

While watching your maximum weight shoot up month after month is a great feeling, it can become very discouraging when that progress stops and plateaus are reached.

Check out the article below for tips on how to break through your plateau and increase your max deadlift.

5 Ways to Increase your Max Deadlift

5 Best Ways to Increase Your Max Deadlift

Incorporate assistance lifts into your routine

Strength built on other lifts does translate over to your deadlift. Once you figure out what is limiting your strength, pick an exercise that helps improve that. See below for some suggestions.

Planks – helps keep your entire body tight for an extended period of time

Rows – builds upper back strength which will help with your lockout

Leg press – helps develop hamstrings, glutes, quads and calves

Kettlebell swing – strengthen the leg muscles and helps you improve explosiveness

Farmer’s walks – one of the best ways to improve your grip strength

Work on explosive movements

Rather than consistently going for your one rep max, work on training in sets of two or three at lower weights but higher speeds.

For example – if your maximum weight is 360 lbs, try doing sets with 175-225. T

his will help you get the form down right and will avoid putting all the stress of one rep training on your system too often.

Every six to eight weeks try testing your maximum weight and you will be surprised to see that it moves up faster than before.

5 Ways to Increase your Max Deadlift

Improve your form

Using bad form can lead to some very serious injuries – the type of injuries that keep you out of the gym for a while! If you can’t lift you can’t make gains so follow these key form tips every time you deadlift:

Keep your arms straight – bending them can cause undue stress on your biceps and lead to a tear. Keep in mind that former Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates saw his career end as a result of a bicep tear.

Keep the bar batch completely vertical – don’t let it swing away from your body as doing so will shift additional stress onto your lower back. If the shin burns really bother you then wear long pants.

Lower back should be in a neutral position – rounding your back will also put significant stress on your spine. While it may help finish the lift it will hurt you in the long run.

Keep your body tight during the lift – that includes abs, glutes, legs, grip and back. This will help reduce stress on the lower back and boost your overall strength.


This one should be obvious but the number of lifters who skip this crucial step is concerning.

While we love blasting out a maximum deadlift, yell out in triumph then drop the weight on the ground like a boss, we know we have to work up to it.

Warming up will reduce your injury risk and help with your

strength on the main lift. If your maximum weight is 360lbs, here is roughly how your workout should be structured:

  • 135lbs for 5 reps, 2 sets
  • 180lbs for 3 reps, 2 sets
  • 210 lbs for 2 reps, 2 sets
  • 230 lbs for 2 reps, 2 sets
  • 275 lbs for 2 reps, 2 sets
  • 280 lbs for 2 reps, 2 sets.

Change your range of motion

Usually we struggle with one part of a deadlift – off the ground, from knees to hips, or close-out.

Rather than limit the progress of your entire lift, try focusing on the part that is limiting you.

With a power rack you can work on the middle and final portion of the lift so when you put it all back together you will have an easier time on the lift.

Rubber bands are another great way to improve your close-out strength.

Since these lifts have a smaller range of motion you can perform them at a higher rep range, say 3-8.

Keep the T-levels High

As most of lifters know testosterone is extremely important both when it comes down to increasing size and strength.

That’s why you could be pretty certain of increasing your strength levels and muscles if you have higher testosterone.

Makes sense right ?

That’s why increasing testosterone levels is one of the most important factor to focus on for lifters, if not the most important one.

One of the most effective ways to increase the natural testosterone production is taking in a testosterone boosting supplements. – See the top 3 testosterone boosting supplements here.

You might be asking: “What will happen if I take in a testosterone boosting supplement and how will it affect my body?

These are the benefits:

  • You will build more muscle mass
  • You will maintain your muscle mass better
  • You will get leaner and more cut
  • Your sex drive will increase as well as harder erections
  • better mood and your confidence will increase

That’s why most athletes and natural bodybuilders that are serious about building muscle do everything they can to increase their testosterone production naturally.

You can see here the best 3 testosterone boosters on the market.

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