5 Unique Ways to Build a Massive Chest

5 Unique Ways to Build a Massive Chest

The chest.

Everyone wants big pecs like King Arnie had back in the day. But how? How can a bro build a bigger chest faster and more efficiently? The secret might sound simple to some but for most guys these exercises are going to blow your mind and grow your chest like crazy.

BroScience’s 5 Ways To Build a Massive Chest

1. Get a Chest Pump

King Arnold described the pump as “better than cummin’ “. And do you know what? He’s right.

Not only because of the satisfying feeling it gives you, but also because:

  • The blood rushing through your muscles are creating more space for you to grow in
  • The blood carries nutrients which will help your muscle repair faster
  • You can be sure that you trained the muscle correctly.

2. Avoid the bench press

Are you done raging mate?

There’s actually a very good reason this made it onto our list.

Unless you’re a powerlifter the barbell flat bench is a poor choice for guys because it causes too many shoulder and elbow problems that’ll hinder your overall gains. Plus the flat barbell bench is more of shoulder and tricep exercise than a chest exercises.

Instead do incline bench and dumbbell flat bench. Just remember to squeeze when at the top when doing the dumbbell bench.

3. Do cable floor flyes

A must do. Seriously. Begin with this one, it will target and activate your pecs. 10/10.

Put the the handles of the cable as low as possible. Perform a regular fly. Simple but effective.

4. Improve rotator cuff strength and flexibility

Sounds gay. But a vital part in growing you chest. You need to get the foundation right in order to maximise your chest workouts.

5. Do floor press

Exercise that has been forgotten for way too long. One of the greatest chest builders in history.

Look mate, it’s basically a barbell bench press but you lying on the floor. It makes sure that your elbows don’t go too low (because they hit the floor before you are able to do it) so you’ll only be activating your chest. Just google how to do it. This is BroScience. We’re not known for going into details.

And here’s our weekly cheeky supplement plug:

See our favorite chest building supplements here. They worked for us, they’ll work for you too.

What? Did you think you could read a whole article on BroScience without a supplement promotion. Come on bro, you know us better than that. But seriously. We only promote supps we truly believe is the best out there. Just ask the hundreds of companies we’ve said no to.

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