5 Types Of People Who Give You Un-Wanted Gym Advice

5 Types Of People Who Give You Un-Wanted Gym Advice

Sometimes I wonder to myself… Why do we have the internet with an abundance of information when there’s enough people in your gym (with absolutely zero credibility) who are more than willing to give you unsolicited advice regarding training, nutrition and anything else that comes with gym life? These human-encyclopedias come in different shapes and sizes. And we’ve made it our job to highlight them, so that you can swiftly avoid them when you see them in the gym.

1. The massive guy at your gym How many times have you heard someone say “Trust me, this huge guy at my gym told me”. What did he tell you exactly? His precise dosage of steroids? If not, he probably talked a lot of sh*t to you. Don’t get me wrong, a guy with a good physique is obviously doing something right. But remember, his broscience probably WON’T work for your body. Find what works for you. Don’t listen to the dude walking around like he’s carrying watermelons under his arms.

2. The recent qualified personal trainer

This is your typical 55kg-65kg young male who heard a radio ad about personal training while on his way home from his then McDonald’s job, and decided to give it a crack. Of course, after a 3-month intensive learning course , he is now the Godfather of fitness. Regardless of if you’re twice his size and twice as shredded, you ain’t got the credentials brah. Oh no, just let Mr Personal trainer give you his 1400 calorie diet, and a 3 day split with the same exercises. Oh, and be careful, he will monitor you like a hawk and if he sees you doing ANYTHING that isn’t in his suggested routine, you’ll find yourself getting another 101 in fitness from Mr Weighs-Less-Than-My-Girlfriend.

3. The Self-Proclaimed Instagram Fitness model 

You know that one girl that used to be slightly overweight in high school, but ALWAYS had potential? Yeah… Well, she’s lost about 10kg, and invested in a HD camera, and you better watch the f*ck out because in less than a few months she’s gone from that girl you barely remembered, to aspiring WBFF fitness model and nutritional/training adviser with 3,000 followers on Instagram. She’s invested in a nice pair of fluro Nikes as well, so that you know shit is serious. Oh, and watch out for her $30 detox plans which entail eating grass and drinking lemon juice until you shrivel up. You might just end up in the best shape of your life.

4. The Power-Lifter who sees you as a piece of sh*t because you choose to build muscle rather than strength.

There is an egotistical food chain in the fitness industry. Sadly, for CrossFit, it finds itself all the way at the bottom of the food chain. CrossFit will forever be subject to satirical and not so satirical hurling of insults and jokes. Many CrossFitters end up with severe PTSD from their training sessions.

But we aren’t here to poke fun at CrossFit again (even though it’s taking every atom in my body to resist). We’re here to look at the sharks of the gym. The powerlifters. Now, there’s not much to joke about when it comes to powerlifting. In fact, there’s no doubt it’s probably the most respected form of training in the gym. However, you will quickly learn that Powerlifters seem to be heavily affected by the lifestyle choices of other people in the gym. The fact you train for appearance gets to them. They can’t grasp why you’d train for appearance. And so, you’ll be called ‘pussy’ and ‘bitch’ as you isolate those biceps. But don’t worry about them. You keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re there to build muscle. Build it, and don’t waste your time giving a f*ck about what others think or advise.


You will come across countless Einsteins in the gym. Many with PhD’s in Broscience. Do what YOU desire. Whether it’s weightlifting, building muscle, or kipping like a fish out of water. Go for your life. You will eventually find what works best for you, and the faster you realise your body is different to everyone elses, the faster you’ll be able to tailor your training to maximise gains.

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7 thoughts on “5 Types Of People Who Give You Un-Wanted Gym Advice”

  1. Avatar

    Trust me, just as many bodybuilders laugh and scoff at powerlifters. We laugh at the buck 65lb guys, benching tons of weight, yet having a 44 inch chest. Who cares how strong you are, if you look like shit. Id rather be the biggest freak around, and look like I could lift a car, than to actually be able to lift a car and be scrawny.

    1. Avatar

      The fact that you value so much what people think of you instead of what you can actually do yourself makes me think you’re a little insecure

      Also, no one demands that you remain a “buck 65lb” to be strong. Go ahead and be 220lbs and strong.

    2. Avatar

      Oh the pretty boy mentality,the ignorance is strong with you young one. Any knowledgable powerlifter has hypertrophy built into training, for greater size is greater strength potential and more musculature to perform the lift, you silly goose.

    3. Avatar
      Aria Stock Loc

      Bodybuilders – “Who needs strength when you can look strong?”
      Powerlifters – “Who needs size when you have strength?”

  2. Avatar
    Aria Stock Loc

    I’m guilty of #4. I’m not huge whatsoever but I can lift way more than bodybuilders. Funny because I’m thinking of switching over to building muscle rather than strengthening them.

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