5 Types Of Embarrasing Bodybuilding Behaviors That Needs To Stop

5 Types Of Embarrasing Bodybuilding Behaviors That Needs To Stop

When one finally reaches the upper echelons of man beast, it’s understandable to be little bit cocky sometimes.

There is an unbelievable amount of effort that goes into creating a work of art type physique. It’s only natural to want to show off all of your hard work and even do a little bragging from time to time.

Unfortunately many guys in the bodybuilding community are less likely to be humble and more likely to be big ol’ douche canoes.

The behavior of some of these guys is downright moronic and should not be considered a representation of all bodybuilders.

So here are, in my opinion, some of the douchebag bodybuilding behaviors that need to stop.

1. Stat Bragging

It’s one thing to be proud of, and want to share your lifting stats, but it’s something entirely different when you are doing it to make people feel shitty about themselves.

Back in the day when I just started lifting and I wasn’t very strong yet, I was about 21 or so and weighed around 150 lbs. My max bench was probably around 205lbs, which at the time felt really impressive since I was really skinny then.

I remember one day, maybe three months give or take into weight training, and I was starting to rep 205. I felt pretty good about myself but I still wasn’t very confident in my lifts.

I still hadn’t put on a lot of muscle but I was getting stronger.

Well during a particular chest session I managed to put up 215 for a few reps and I felt really good about myself. That’s when some fat no neck having guy came up to me and immediately started laughing. I tried not to look at him as that’s what he wanted but it didn’t matter. He walked right up to me and started telling me how he could bench 215 easy when he was 12 years old and how he wouldn’t even warm up with that light of weight now.

This went on for a few minutes before he walked away chugging his beaver anal gland flavored BCAA’s and proceeded to brag himself up to some other poor kid in the gym.

Not to get long winded with the story but even now, I don’t understand what the point of that type of behavior is. I’ve had many fuck faces do this to me over the years, even when I reached the point where I was bigger than some of these douches.

They still bragged, but as I got older I realized it was just bullshit number inflation. This kind of nonsense runs rampant on bodybuilding forums and it’s just pointless. How the fuck can you feel superior to someone when you are just lying about what you can do? It’s just stupid. Even if you are huge and can lift crazy weight, why make someone feel like garbage just because they can’t?

Get a fucking life.

You should be encouraging others and they should be encouraging you to improve your physique as well as lifting stats.

Final note on this, don’t ever brag to me about how much you can fucking leg press. That’s an ultra beta move right there and I will never give a shit. You can park a damn Honda Civic on top of the leg press machine and rep it out, and I still won’t be impressed.

Just do a moderate weight free squat ass to grass and maybe I’ll congratulate you. If you are still bragging though I will most likely just throw a destructo disk at your face. (Hey, even Krillin needs some shine every now and then.)

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