5 Types Of Body Shaming

5 Types Of Body Shaming

What is it that drives us to judge others by their body type? Is it that we feel the need to join the group when someone else is the target of our ridicule for the sake of fitting in? What about when we judge others in our own minds? Perhaps it breaks down to our desire to feel superior to others, or rather, to make us feel better about our own shortcomings. Whatever the cause, the fact remains that many of us judge others for things that do not directly affect us.

Before you think I’m going to rant like one of those “The world only revolves around my opinions.” social justice warrior ass clowns, know this; I’m of the thinking that I do not give a solitary fuck about catering to strangers feelings. I have always been a fan of the George Carlin’s of the world, meaning, I hate censorship and I have a strong disdain for people who are so damn easily offended. The newer generations seem to actively seek out reasons to be offended and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. Before I get off track and delve into the philosophy behind the new generations ideology, let me get back to the topic at hand.

Fat shaming, as well as other less popular forms of body shaming seem to be all the rage these days. The internet age just loves to poke fun at the flaws of others while splitting in half between the offenders and the defenders. Meaning you have the people doing the shaming, and then you have the people frothing at the mouth to defend the people being shamed. It is all pointless and nobody wins. Unfortunately there is a loser, and it almost always is the person who is being shamed.

What I’d like to do today is discuss the five major types of body shaming and more specifically, talk about why we shame these body types, as well as why some of us defend these body types. My goal isn’t to pick a side but rather start up a healthy dialogue about the topic at hand. Assuming you guys care enough to discuss things rather than just troll, I am quite interested your opinions and stances on the subject. I’ve broken my list down into five body types and examples of how they are shamed and defended from being shamed.

1. Fat Shaming

This is by far the most popular type of body shaming. I believe this is where the whole body shaming discussion originated from. Most of us are guilty of judging obese people before we even think of why they might be so obese to begin with. I’m just as guilty as anyone. When I tease fat people, or rather the idea of fat people, I’m not thinking of them as a human. I’m thinking of them as a general idea. I’m judging the fat lifestyle as a whole instead of an individual’s choice. It’s very narrow minded to think like this but it’s just how our brains generally work.

You can always choose to ignore these things but it’s hard to bust your ass in the gym so often and see other people live such a completely different and unhealthy lifestyle than you do. It’s hardwired into our DNA to judge others as a means to survive as a species. Unfortunately it’s very outdated and does not fit in with our modern views on humanity. We have mentally progressed past needing to judge others for survival but still do it just because.

I’d like to break down the generic offending and defending thought processes of people now. Neither are a representation on my views of obese people.

The offending side.

They are fat because they are lazy. They don’t have the willpower to exercise or eat healthy. It is their fault that they are obese and the fit among us should not have to feel bad about their situation. They have done it to themselves and are undeserving of pity. You say you can’t lose weight no matter how “hard you try?” Put down the fucking fork! Simple as that. You make me sick you pathetic loser. It’s absolutely sickening to think you promote such an unhealthy lifestyle. Nobody should embrace being overweight. It is dangerous and very selfish.

The defending side.

You don’t know their story so you shouldn’t judge them. They might have a medical issue that causes them to have trouble losing weight. They probably have a messed up thyroid or something you assholes. I know a lot of bigger people who eat right and exercise but they just keep gaining weight. It’s not their fault. Nobody wants to be obese. They just need to learn to love themselves and embrace their body. Fuck what anyone else thinks, it’s their life!

2. Skinny shaming

This is the exact opposite of fat shaming but it has the same ugly results. This is more directed towards women, as with fat shaming, but men get the negative connotations with being skinny as well. For men it is more a masculine thing though. If you are rail thin it is almost like you are considered feminine in ways.

The offending side.

Eat a cheeseburger you skinny bitch. Men like meat not bones! Hey buddy, you need to eat like an animal unless you want to be a beta pussy forever. These skinny people are disgusting. Could you imagine fucking one of those chicks? It would be like fucking a skeleton! If you would just eat more you wouldn’t look so anorexic. It’s not healthy to be that skinny. You should take a shit load of weight gainer everyday. You just need to eat more and lift bruh.

The defending side.

Some people can’t help being so skinny. They probably just have a super high metabolism or something. If they are anorexic, you should feel horrible for making fun of a mental illness you dickless ass monkeys! I knew a girl who was rail thin and all she ever did was eat. You guys just don’t know what it’s like not to be able to gain weight. It’s horrible!

3. Skinny fat (dad bod) shaming

This has recently been deemed the dad bod physique but it use to be mocked as being skinny fat. The worst of the worst among bodybuilding types. Not only are too fat to have visible abs, but you are also devoid of enough muscle mass to avoid criticism.

The offending side.

Look, another dad bod. Bet he’s never lifted a weight in his life. Can you believe chicks apparently think that’s attractive? You need to hit the gym more bud, you look like a skinny fat beta. Puffy nipple having fag. You’re the type of guy who talks shit on the internet even though you have a shit physique. Go eat more pizza and take up pilates or some shit!

The defending side.

Not everybody wants to be a bodybuilder! He should be happy with his body. It’s not like he isreally overweight or anything. You guys are probably just jealous because he makes more money than you. There’s nothing wrong with having a dad bod. Not all women want to snuggle up with concrete anyway. Some like a man with a little meat on his bones.

4. Athletic body shaming

This is not quite a bodybuilder but someone who still has a decent physique. Generally men do not get shamed for having an athletic body. They are most often praised for it. Women on the other hand really get the negative comments on having an athletic body type. It’s really undeserving but it’s the way many view things I suppose.

The offending side.

Eww that bitch looks like a man. There is nothing attractive about a chick who looks like she can lift more than me. I want to be with a woman who looks like a woman, not a fucking dude. I bet her dick is bigger than yours bro! You thinks this is attractive at all? She needs to lose some of that muscle tone. Shit looks gross.

The defending side.

She bust her ass just like everyone else. You fuck heads shouldn’t make fun of her for living how she wants to live. I’m sure she doesn’t care what you think, she works out for herself. You guys are stupid, she is beautiful just the way she is. At least she’s not a big fat fuck like you assholes. You are all just jealous of how great she looks.

5. Bodybuilder physique shaming

Well this is the most common form of body shaming on this site second only to fat shaming. Many guys will viciously judge other men’s bodies. They will hate if their bodies are more muscular, more shredded, or just better all together. Instead of encouraging others many of us prefer to try to tear each other down. Imagine being Kai Greene, killing yourself to look the way you do, only to have others make fun of all the hard work you have put in over the years.

The offending side.

I would look like that too if I took a shit ton of gear. ROIDS! That motherfucker has so much synthol in his arms that the US will be invading him for oil soon. I bet he has a tiny dick though. Who would want to look like that? He looks like a fucking freak. Look at that GH gut, what a douche!

The defending side.

You are all just jealous because he looks way better than you ever will! He has put in more hard work than you fat lazy ass motherfuckers would ever dream of. Don’t be mad just because he looks better than you and makes way more money. I bet he gets more bitches than your ugly ass will ever even see. He looks amazing, and you look like you don’t even lift.

When all’s said and done, no amount of snarky internet comments or hateful rants will ever have a positive effect on a person’s psyche. You can hate on people all you want but it just makes you look insecure about yourself. Sadly, body shaming will most likely forever be a part of our society. It’s just the way the human race is wired.

That doesn’t mean we have to be shitty to each other so often though. A fat person knows they are fat, they don’t need you to point it out to them. Next time you think about saying something mean online, remember that you are talking to a real live, breathing person. Like I said earlier, we tend to think of people online as an idea rather than actual people. It’s easy to say Kim Kardashian looks like a man on a message board, but it’s quite different when she’s standing right in front of you.

Now I’m not going to get all preachy here because to be honest, I’m going to continue judging people for things that I cannot control. It’s not fair and it surely makes me a lesser person for doing it, but it’s in my being to do it. The thing is though, I have no problem if people hate on me for anything. If you are going to judge others, don’t bitch if others judge you. My best advice though is to simply do you and do not worry about what others do with their lives. If it doesn’t impact your life in any way, it’s not your concern. I might judge others, but I will be doing it in my own head. Just because I may think a person looks gross does not mean I have to spread that opinion to others in any kind of negative way. Motivate others, not tear them down.

Author: Caleb James for BroScience see more from him here

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