5 Mass Building Tricep Exercises For Trashing Triceps

Trashing Triceps: 5 tried and true mass building exercises

mass building tricep exercises

Nothing says alpha like a huge set of guns. Sleeve splitting upper arms signify the presence of dominance and separate the boys from the men. The muscle that usually gets the most attention when you’re talking about building arms is the biceps. When in fact, if you want to truly build gargantuan sized arms, that attention might be better served by focusing on the other larger muscle group in the upper arm region; the triceps. It has been said that the triceps accounts for approximately two thirds of your total upper arm size. If that is the case, then maximizing triceps development should be your top priority when it comes to the arms race. Here are 5 proven exercises guaranteed to pack on the triceps mass.

5 True Mass Building Tricep Exercises

#1 Skull Crushers

This has to be my personal favorite and go to exercise for packing on triceps mass. The skull crusher is an exercise which allows for you to isolate the triceps while still being able to use a substantial amount of weight. You can perform these with a straight or cambered bar, you can perform them at any angle on the bench that you like and you can even use a smith machine or dumbbells to perform this exercise.

#2 Close grip bench press

As a very close second personal favorite, the close grip bench press offers you the ability to significantly increase the amount of resistance used when training triceps while decreasing the amount of stress placed upon the elbows when compared to skull crushers. You’ll be able to handle a ton of weight and really power through this movement to build those triceps.

#3 Triceps Dips

There are multiple versions of triceps dips that you can perform, but for the purposes of building sheer triceps mass, the triceps dips I’m talking about are the ones performed on the parallel bars. Using just your body weight, especially if you’re pretty big already, is usually enough resistance to induce hypertrophy. If not, you can always hang weight from your waist or throw some chains over your neck which just looks badass.

#4 Overhead dumbbell extension (using both arms and holding one dumbbell)

This exercise is very similar to the overhead version of skull crushers with the only real difference being the displacement of the weight being used and your grip. Some find it easier to control the dumbbell versus a longer bar making this exercise more effective for them. In any case, you can still handle a ton of weight with this exercise and really maximize the stretch at the bottom of the movement.

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#5 Triceps cable pushdowns

Many consider this exercise as a great warm up and a safe way to begin a triceps workout. The cable offers a more controlled and isolated movement which will allow for you to ensure there’s lots of blood in that region prior to hitting it hard with the exercises mentioned above. While this is certainly true, you can still turn a push down into a mass building exercise. To do so, all you have to do is incorporate a bit of a forward lean into your positioning and allow for your elbows to flare out a bit to the sides. This will allow you to handle more weight and more weight means more stress on the muscle which leads to more growth.

I don’t know a single bodybuilder out there that doesn’t want a huge set of arms. Putting more emphasis on training the triceps might be just what you need to bump you up on that tape measure and put you at the front of the pack in the arms race. Give it a try and see what happens.

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