5 Things To Do For Bored Bodybuilders

5 Things To Do For Bored Bodybuilders

So you are a lifter and you are bored? You came to the right place because in this article we will be talking about the 5 best things a bodybuilder can do when he is bored out of his mind. We talked to a few bodybuilders and they shared with us their best tips on not staying bored.

1. Find yourself a cardio buddy

I am not talking about hitting up a lifting buddy and ask him if he wants to jog a few laps with you. Find yourself a girl that can be your cardio buddy in the bedroom. Science has proven countless times the many health benefits of having sex on a regular basis. On the plus side you will also be burning calories and getting more ripped in the process.

2. Browse BroScience and kill time

Since we launched the website about a year ago we have published countless of good posts (and a few not so good) and just plain funny bullshit on this site. Go back in time and find the best posts you missed, you can definitely kill good 2 hours by scrolling through our frontpage.

3. Watch Pumping Iron

99% of serious bodybuilders have seen the film Pumping Iron with Arnold at his best. Seeing it once is definitely not enough.  You can find Pumping Iron on youtube.

4. Prepare meals for the next days

If you are serious about your diet and have a busy schedule you probably have to prepare meals at some point on your bodybuilding journey. If you are bored and have some spare time on your hands it’s the perfect time to start your rice cooker and begin cooking these chicken breasts.

5. Flex in the mirror shirtless and think to yourself why you still feel small after years of lifting

Most bodybuilders will never be satisfied with their physique, there are always some aspects of your physique you can improve. Even though many guys have put on significant amounts of muscle the only thing they see in the mirror are all the places they can improve rather than the gains they have made. So go ahead take your shirt of and start criticizing your physique in the mirror.

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