5 Things That Will Make Any Lifter A Better Bodybuilder

5 Things That Will Make Any Lifter A Better Bodybuilder

Most guys that are training to become more muscular, stronger and more shredded will do anything they can to improve their physique and take it to the next level. Here are the 5 things every bodybuilder should be using to take his physique to the next level.

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A good training partner

When you train on your own, You might have a tendency to cut corners but with a partner, you make sure you stay on track the whole workout. A good workout partner will push you to your absolute limits and motivate you to train harder and stay consistent on your workout regime.

Pre-cooked meals

It’s always important to have enough of good quality foods to eat after workouts and during the day. Taking the time to plan your weekly menu not only helps to save time and money, but also provides a way to create meals with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat that you need for muscle growth and to stay lean.


There are 3 known ways that cardio can help you build more muscle and stay lean. Cardio improves muscle recovery, it improves your body’s metabolic responses to food and it keeps up your conditioning, making the transition from “bulking” to “cutting” easier on your body.

Deadlift and Squat

Squats and deadlifts are considered two of the best strength and mass building exercises since they target so many large muscle groups. Between them, they work the whole of your lower body, as well as your core, back muscles and arms. By including these two exercises in your routine you make sure that you will become strong and muscular at the same time.


This might just have been the most controversial thing I could have said, but I tell you what. It’s true, taking steroids will help you build muscle much faster. But taking steroids might also mean that you’re pretty stupid. Why the f*ck would you sacrifice your health to get aesthetic? It doesn’t make any sense and it contradicts of what the goal of going to the gym should be; looking good and staying healthy. Steroids help build muscle without a doubt, but they come with nasty side effects such as man-boobs and other nasty stuff. Plus they’re illegal and extremely expensive. What steroids basically do is raise the testosterone levels in your body by adding more testosterone into your body. Nothing natural about that. The natural supplement industry has already developed safe and legal supplements that can potentially replace steroids. They’re called natural testosterone boosters. They come with zero side effects and they raise your own testosterone levels naturally. These boosters aren’t created equal though, some of them don’t work. So make sure you read our guide on natural testosterone boosters first.

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