5 Things Every Bodybuilder Needs To Do Before 30

5 Things Every Bodybuilder Needs To Do Before 30

Let’s face it some day you are going to grow old and die, this is a fact!

Many lifters stop going to the gym as much when they are 30 years old+, this is also a fact.

Guys start a family, even a business and have things to take care off and have less gym time as the years go by.

So when you are young,  have less responsibilities and your testosterone levels are still high you should make the most out of your gym journey when you are still young.

There are 5 things every lifter needs to do before he turns 30 if he doesn’t want to have any regrets.

5 Things Every Bodybuilder Needs To Do Before 30 Years Of Age

Bench 3 plates

Most guys training can’t bench press this weight. It’s a big milestone stacking 3 plates on each side on the bar and press it up like it’s nothing.

When you are 80 years and you’re little grandchild that just started going to the gym asks you what you’re max bench press is, you don’t want to disappoint him with a number that is under 3 plates.

Cut down to 8% fat and do a photoshoot

We all know the guys who are bragging on how they looked 20+ years ago. Old timers saying “you should have seen me when I was your age” but have no evidence of looking good.

To get the evidence that you actually looked like a greek god at some point in your life is crucial.

Cut down to 8% or less when you have decent muscle size and go do a photoshoot.

This will be your evidence on how you looked when you were young and people won’t think you are a lier when you say that you actually looked incredible when you were young.

Deadlift at least 5 plates

Unless you want your future son blaming you for giving him shit genetics when he starts lifting you must be able to say “At one time I was able to deadlift 5 plates”. (preferably more)

Video proof should be enough evidence for him.

As the years go down the line you might not have the same drive and motivation to get bigger and stronger.

So you should definitely make the most out of the time you have now while you are still young to get as strong as you can.

Own a picture of you with a famous bodybuilder

Every serious lifter should get a picture with a famous bodybuilder and look like they actually lift on it.

If you manage to take your shirt off in this photo it’s going to be even better, but you have to make sure that you look like you actually lift on it.

Otherwise you will just look like a little fan besides him.

This will be further evidence that you once were a dedicated bodybuilder with some gains.

Print the picture out and frame it, so when you are 80 years old you have a great story to tell and you can even lie that you and this famous bodybuilder used to train to train together.

Get Your Lifting Belt Signed By A Famous Bodybuilder

If you get your lifting belt signed by a great champion like Phil Heath, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Kai Greene you will not only own a memorable piece but you can also give it to your future grandchild or son as they grow up.

If someone gave you an old school lifting belt signed by Arnold how would you feel about that gift?

You would probably keep it in a glass box as and dust it once a week.

The belt will increase in value as the years go by and after 200 years it could probably be sold for a huge amount of money!

Final words.

Complete this list before 30, the sooner the better and you will have great memories on how you used to be a beast lifter when you are old and can’t train any more.

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