5 Signs You Have A Great Training Partner

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5 Signs you have a great training partner

Training solo is nothing new to many of you out there.

For reasons such as scheduling, work obligations and other unforeseen events that take place daily, it’s not easy to line up times with someone to meet them at the gym.

If, however, you are able to align gym times with someone you trust and don’t mind spending an hour plus with, training with someone who has the same goals and aspirations as you do can be very invigorating and rewarding.

A good training partner is hard to find so when you do find one, be sure to maximize your time together in the gym for the benefit of both your physiques.

Often times by way of this partnership, previously thought limitations are surpassed and personal bests are set week after week.

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If you’re not sure what makes a great training partner, here are five signs for you to look for.

training partner

#1 Reliability

This is probably the biggest downfall to any training partner relationship; being unreliable.

If it’s leg day and you’re counting on your training partner to be there to spot you and provide some extra motivation when you step under a loaded barbell in the squat rack and then they don’t show up, an entire mindset towards that training session can be ruined.

There’s nothing worse than going through your regular pre-training ritual which involves the exact timing of specific events (such as your pre-workout meal, pre-workout supplements and all of the mental preparation that takes place) only to be left waiting and waiting for your training partner to show up only to realize they’re not going to show up after all.

#2 Trustworthy

When I’m attempting a weight that is taking my physique and strength capabilities to the fine line of insanity, I want to know the person watching me has got my back should things go south unexpectedly.

I need someone who is just as strong as or stronger than I am to be able to take control of a bad situation should it arise. I also want to know that if I’m getting ready for a show and need someone with a trained eye to critique my physique, they’ll keep my progress to themselves if that’s what I am asking them to do and at the same time give it to me straight when it comes to telling me how I look.

The worst thing a training partner can provide for you is false hope.

If you have someone consistently telling you how good you look when you actually look terrible and you know that they could really care less about the outcome anyhow, then it’s time to part ways.

If your training partner says they’ve got you when you’re about to bench your max, he or she better be watching and engaged versus scoping out the gym or taking a selfie because the lighting’s just right.

#3 Similar goals

It’s great and all to have someone there to spot you on your heavy sets and help put weights away but a training partner, in my opinion, needs to be much more than that.

They need to address the workout in the same fashion as you do and with the same sense of importance.

Each workout is a step closer to your end goal and if they’re off talking to other people in between sets while you’re completely focused on your next set and waiting for them to return, then that’s time wasted in my books.

Your workout should be just as important as theirs and vice versa.

It’s not uncommon for a training partnership to arise completely out of nowhere simply due to the fact that when you do take a second to look around, you will notice others training like you.

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And it could end up being as simple as spotting that other person or even working in with them at a station that sparks a commonality between you that ultimately sets the course for a joint workout the next time you see each other at the gym. Some of the best training partners have been found via this route.training partner

#4 A little crazy

You want someone willing to push you to your limits and be fearless when it comes to smashing each workout.

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You want someone who loads up barbells with the intent of bending them in half and trashing everything around them (of course this doesn’t actually happen but the mindset is there).

Intensity comes in many forms, being a little crazy doesn’t hurt in this category and having someone with you who is able to intelligently employ their crazy is always a good thing.

And if their crazy coincides with yours (you may actually find yourself in a situation where your partner’s crazy runs far deeper than just getting amped up to train in which case it can be very troublesome) then the workouts you can expect to occur will be nothing less than spectacular.

#5 Is innovative

As bodybuilders we’re always looking for new exercises, new ways to perform old exercises and different ways to apply common training principles.

Training with someone who is always thinking about these things can add tremendous variety to your workouts.

This way, things are always kept fresh, new stimuli are always being presented and the body has lots of different ways to grow by way of these innovations.

Sometimes it’s just fun to go into a workout not really knowing what exercises or angles you’re going to use and just let your imagination run wild.

Having someone right next to you who is doing the same thing just adds even more excitement to the workout.

Then when you do finally settle on something to do you may find that you end up changing something mid set simply because you or your partner is still thinking, sees something that might work even better and then suggests the change.

However you go about it, innovation breeds success.

So there you have it, 5 great signs you have found a solid training partner. If your current training partner doesn’t display some or all of these qualities, it may be time for a change.

Author : Dana Bushell

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