5 Reasons Why Your Physique Still Looks Like Shit Even Though You Have Been Training For Years

5 Reasons Why Your Physique Still Looks Like Shit Even Though You Have Been Training For Years

There are endless of reasons why guys that are training are not making gains on a weekly basis and their physique looks like the physique of a non-lifter. There are a few key factors you have to keep in mind and practice if you want to get an impressive physique. We have all seen the guys that have been training for YEARS but still look like they have never lifted a weight in their life. Why is that? We have found the 5 top reasons why some guys look like shit even though they have been training for a long time.

Fat “Bulkers”

There is one thing I just don’t get when I see the same guy fat guy being fat 3 years in a row. If you are training almost everyday don’t you want to look like you lift? Why are some guys fat 3 years in a row but still training hard?. There are plenty of ways you can shed fat without losing all your muscle size. I completely understand if you are a powerlifter or a strongman and you don’t care to much about your body fat, But if you are training in the gym to look muscular and good having excessive body fat is going to make your physique look like shit and that’s a fact. Even though you have some muscle size under the fat if you are 20% body fat you are just not going to look good.

You train like a bitch

If you train like a bitch you will eventually look like one. If you are going to the gym let’s say 5 times a week and the only things you do are simple isolation movements and cardio you will NEVER have a good, strong looking, muscular body. Bodybuilders know this, that’s the reason they focus on compound movements to get their strength levels up and with increased strength they can lift more and therefore build more muscle mass. You can train for years doing simple isolation movements and cardio but by doing so you will always look like a non lifter.

You don’t have a clue how to eat

You might be training hard but when it comes down to your diet you don’t have a clue what you are doing. It is not enough to buy some creatine and whey protein and depend on those supplements to support your daily nutrition needs. You have to make sure you are eating enough protein 1gr per 1lbs is a good starting point, enough carbohydrates after training and healthy fats. If you are not eating on a nutritional pattern and enough food to build muscle and recover from workouts you will NEVER look good.

Your girlfriend is hindering your progress

Your girlfriend does anything she can from stoping you making gains. She cooks unhealthy meals, tries to get you to skip the gym and just anything that might hinder your progress in the gym. “Why would she do that?” is what you might be asking yourself and the reason for that being is that she doesn’t want you to reach a new level of success. Because she sees your potential and knows when you reach that next level of success that you are much better than her and you might leave her because you have reached a whole new level of success. So try to stay away form these type of girls if you want to make sure you will be successful in the gym.

You take breaks 

If you can’t stay consistent in the gym for a year straight you will probably not get the best physique possible, if you can only stay consistent for 3 months than you take 1 month off and so on you will never get the best physique possible. You will lose your gains in your constant breaks and you will have to build up the strength and muscle size over and over again. Remember guys bodybuilding is a marathon not a sprint it takes a long time to build an impressive physique.

Author: Charlie Green For BroScience

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