5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Is Starting Hating You Because You Are A Lifter

5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Is Starting Hating You Because You Are A Lifter

So you met the perfect girl and everything is going great until your girlfriend realizes she got serious problem on her hands because of you. You are a lifter and you do things lifters do and your girlfriend is probably not going to agree with them all. Here are 5 reasons why your girlfriend is starting hating you because you are a dedicated lifter!

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Protein farts

You drink a lot of protein shakes and with many shitty protein powders come bad side effects like farting. Your girlfriend will probably grow tired of you when you start farting all day everyday like a machine because you are too cheap to buy a decent protein powder.


You are a cocky bastard

You have the confidence of a lion and you are consistently bragging about the inch you added on to your arms while flexing in the mirror wearing sunglasses. Your girlfriend takes notice of this and she most likely can’t stand how much of a douche bag you have turned into after you started bodybuilding.


Your new PR’s are the only thing you talk about

Your girlfriend got a new job promotion but it doesn’t matter because you hit a new PR in the bench ,so when she tells you about her new job promotion you tell her to shut up and you show her a footage of you from the gym hitting a new PR in the bench.


You are boring as fu*k

The only things you like doing are eating, sleeping and training. Whilst your girlfriend want’s to take romantic walks in the park and see the new movie you are buys in the gym blood, sweat and tears banging on your legs.


Your girlfriend want’s to have ice cream

Your girlfriend suggests that you two should get yourselves some ice cream, you tell her to fu*k off because you are on a strict cutting diet. This will most likely upset your girlfriend that clearly has no idea on how much gains are important to you.

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