5 Reasons Why Your Bodybuilder Boyfriend Dumped You

5 Reasons Why Your Bodybuilder Boyfriend Dumped You

Many girls today are heartbroken because their jacked x-boyfriend dumped them for “unknown reasons”. He might have told you “I need more time for myself” but we all know that is a load of crap and probably not the reason why he dumped you. We spoke to several bodybuilders  who have dumped many girls and they told us the top reasons why they decided to let them go. This also goes the other way around fit chicks that dump their loser boyfriends.


She did not squat (had a bad physique) If you are a ripped bodybuilder with a physique other guys dream of having and your girl is a non lifter that doesn’t even squat, sooner or later you will dump her. Bodybuilders with incredibly good physiques just can’t stay with a non-lifter that does not do anything to improve their physique.

You spend your time making gains while your girlfriend is partying every weekend.

If you have planned out an epic deadlift session with your mates and already cooked your post workout chicken and rice, it’s just like the perfect Saturday evening for a lifter. But when your girl comes home sloppy drunk vomiting over herself while you are tired eating your dry chicken breast,  you will sooner or later grow tired of that shit and dump her. “You can have your clubs and your flashy life, I take the darkness of the gym all day, every day”

She is downgrading every day while you are upgrading

When you first met your girl she might have had the perfect physique, took care of herself and looked like one of the most beautiful girl you had ever seen in your life. But once the relationship was official she completely let herself go, got fat, stopped making herself pretty and changed her ways. While you are making solid gains , taking care of yourself and looking better every day that goes by. Let’s say that when you met you were both 9/10 in terms of look, personality, etc. But once she has downgraded to a 7/10 and you have upgraded to a 9,69/10 it’s game over you will definitely dump her because you know that you can do much better.

She thinks you spend too much time doing bodybuilding

For many guys bodybuilding is their main passion and hobby in life, they look forward to their workouts, meals and making solid gains each month. If a girl tries to devalue their importance to bodybuilding it’s just a matter of time before they dump her.

She knows you wear Large but she gave you a Medium

You have been working your ass off to add muscle to your frame and you are really happy that you now wear large t-shirts while previously you wore Mediums.  So when your birthday comes up and your girl gives you a Medium t-shirt despite the fact that she knows you wear large she is secretly trying to tell you that you have lost gains. You don’t want this kind of negativity into your life and you will probably dump her for doing that.

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