5 Reasons Why Ugly Girls "Don't Like" Alpha Bodybuilders

5 Reasons Why Ugly Girls “Don’t Like” Alpha Bodybuilders


This article is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously.

Alpha bodybuilders get a lot of attention from the opposite sex all the time. It seems like ugly and fat girls are the girls that don’t like bodybuilders and it is not without a reason. Deep down they like them but can’t admit it because they know that they look a lot worse than them and could never keep an alpha bodybuilder satisfied.

She knows she doesn’t have a chance

She knows that she does not have a chance in hooking up with an alpha bodybuilder so she doesn’t even try. It hurts her ego less by saying ” I don’t like bodybuilders, they are douchebags” than just accepting the fact that she is too fat or ugly and doesn’t stand a chance.

She can never keep a man like that satisfied

Deep down she knows even though she would by some luck be able to get an alpha bodybuilder into a relationship she could never deal with all the jealousy that goes along with it. Alpha bodybuilders get countless messages from hotties all over the place begging them to have sex with them. A ugly or a fat girl knows she would never be able to keep a man like that satisfied and deal with all the jealousy.

The sex is not good enough

Most alpha bodybuilders have experienced the crazy wild sex life that goes along with the lifestyle. After they have tried the best sex of their lives with different hotties all over the place sex with a girl that is not in good shape or is not that pretty will seldom satisfy an alpha bodybuilder for a long time. Ugly girls know this and therefore they say “I just don’t like the bodybuilding type”

She thinks he will cheat on her

It is a good possibility if a ugly girl is with an alpha bodybuilder that he will eventually give in the temptation and sleep with another woman. Due to the extreme demand for alpha bodybuilders by girls some guys have a hard time dealing with that and end up cheating on their girlfriend.

She will rather have a guy that does not have a chance with hot women

She will rather have the guy that dresses bad, is not good looking and does not have significant amount of cash to spend. The reason for that is that she knows that that guy is not desirable by other women and she has a better chance of creating a long term relationship with a guy that is more beta and does not have his shit figured out.

Although this article is for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously by anyone you can’t deny the fact that there are some truths to this.

Author: Charlie Green For BroScience


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    Interesting. So what is your definition of Alpha bodybuilder? Actually, high testosterone is not the only thing that determines a man who is alpha. In animal world, size and strength might be the main things that differentiate alphas. Look at mafia bosses. They are leaders (alphas), however, some of them have signs of low testosterone. Thus, this thing is much more complicated!

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