5 Reasons Why Girls Think Bodybuilders Make Terrible Boyfriends

5 Reasons Why Girls Think Bodybuilders Make Terrible Boyfriends

5 Reasons Why Girls Think Bodybuilders Make Terrible Boyfriends

Many bodybuilders out there in the world are breaking the hearts of innocent girls on a monthly basis. We bodybuilders are extremely disciplined human being and most of the times we don´t have time to waste our value able time chasing and pleasing girls all day.

That is the main reason why we hear so often when girls are describing bodybuilders “he is a complete douchebag” to clear things, we are not douchebags we just don’t have time for the bullshit that girls give us.



Here are the top 5 reasons bodybuilders don’t make good boyfriends.

1. Bodybuilders care more about their body than pleasing their girl.

Any serious bodybuilder out there knows what I am talking about, so what if it’s your girlfriends birthday it’s also leg day, so what you can’t spend the evening with her because you have to train.

So many girls don’t understand this deep passion bodybuilders have for their diet and training.

We just can’t out of the blue eat ice cream, cancel our leg day, go out to dinner with you just because it is your birthday! Many girls need to realise that our gains always come first and then the girl.

2. They don’t have time for the girl

Often times girlfriends are a complete waste of time and are just calling you all day everyday with nothing to talk about but some boring gossip about their friends.

They tend to waste your value able time when you are working your ass of making money or in a serious training session with your buddy.

Girls don’t understand the passion men have for life and how hard it is to make it in this world.

We as successful men don’t have time for stupid gossiping we are working on our goals and nothing than that is more important, so girls before you call with your gossiping bullshit think twice before you make that call!

3. Bodybuilders can’t stand crying

Most girls have deep issues of some sort maby they had a bad childhood, or their father hates them who knows it’s always something. Girls are also very emotional and some tend to cry a lot.

This is something most bodybuilders can’t stand in their life. Just think about it you just smashed your legs in the gym and come home eating your chicken and rice. The last thing you can stand is a girl crying over her miserable life.

That’s why many bodybuilders dump their girlfriends.

4. Bodybuilders feel like girlfriends drag them down.

Bodybuilders are very time efficient creatures, every meal, every workout, every cardio session has to be carefully planned throughout the day especially if they are also working a demanding job.

Some girls tend to take more value from men than they give and that’s what many bodybuilders notice when they start a relationship with a girl. She expects them to do everything for her and when they need a favor from their girl she most of the time is “too busy”.

This is why bodybuilders often time break up with their girls and the girls are always surprised and think their X bodybuilding boyfriend is a jerk.

5.Bodybuilders are not romantic

Most girls feel comfortable when the guy they are with will do anything for them, when they want it , where they want it.

That’s not the case if your boyfriend is a bodybuilder he will not waste an extra minute on his girl unless its really important.

Bodybuilders also have not the luxury of having the time to be Mr.Romantic and buying their girlfriend roses, chocolate or some gifts.

Girls can be thankful if they get a birthday present from their bodybuilding boyfriend.

Author: Charlie Green for BroScience

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