5 Reasons Why Bodybuilding Is Bad For You

5 Reasons Why Bodybuilding Is Bad For You

Even though bodybuilding has saved countless of guys from suicide and helped the lives of  many people it can also be bad for you. For most people bodybuilding is a great way to add value to their life but for some people bodybuilding can become a nightmare. Here are 5 reasons why bodybuilding can become bad for you.


Bodybuilding is the only thing you have

You do nothing in your life except eating, training and sleeping. Bodybuilding is your life, you got no friends, no social life , nothing to look forward to except your next workout session or cheat meal. If for some reason you get injured and sick and can’t train for a certain amount of time you have nothing. Suicidal thoughts may come because the only thing you have is gone.


You count your little sisters macros

You have counted the perfect macros for your 9 year old sister and you are trying to teach her how to count macros by using a food scale and a log book. You cannot eat a meal without knowing the exact macros even though you are bulking.


You calculate your biceps measurements every day

You are constantly measuring every muscle in your body to see how they progress, if you lose some size you will freak out and eat 2 pounds of chicken breast to get your gains back. You are constantly flexing in the mirror and you are obsessed with how your body looks.


You bring your own food in the reception after funerals

Let’s say someone close to you died and you went to the funeral. You had to take a home cooked meal in tupperware with you in the reception after the funeral. You could not think of losing gains or delaying a meal just because of a funeral.

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You ruin your body

You lift like a retard and ruin your knees, take 5 times the recommended caffein intake for the day so your heart will be in overdrive the whole day and you take way too much steroids. Believe it or not some bodybuilders live a very unhealthy lifestyle and do not care about anything but putting on size.

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