5 Reasons Not To Skip Leg Day

5 Reasons Not To Skip Leg Day

5 Reasons Not To Skip Leg Day

Have you ever heard the expression, “You can’t build a house without a foundation”? Take that expression and turn it into an analogy for bodybuilding and what it means is that you’ll never be huge if you fail to train legs. The entire lower half of your body is a region that many seem to forget exists and in the daily grind of training gets overlooked for the showcase muscles such as the chest and arms. Even if you have been genetically blessed with a great lower body, that doesn’t mean you should skip legs altogether even if you are working on bringing up the symmetry between your halves. Skipping leg day is like skipping your post workout meal; you just don’t do it. Here are five great reasons to keep you in the squat rack week after week.

Reasons Not To Skip Leg Day

Reason #1: You’ll look like an upside down bowling pin

Upon first sight, you don’t want someone’s first impression to be an image of an upside down bowling pin now do you? However, a large upper body coupled with stick thin legs will provide such an image. Avoid creating this effect at all costs by training your legs each week.

Reason #2: You’ll miss out on raising naturally occurring hormones for growth

It’s been scientifically proven on many occasions that the amount of training induced stressed placed upon the body when training legs sparks the increase in production of naturally occurring hormones conducive to growth. When hormone levels are peaked, growth will occur. If you fail to train legs consistently, you could be missing out on a whole lot of new muscle.

Reason #3: You won’t have to train abs as often

Who doesn’t want a great set of abs right? Well, if you’re skipping leg day you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage from those who don’t. It takes a tremendous amount of overall core and abdominal strength to perform squats with strict form as well as any other type of pressing movement with your legs. Even if you wear a belt, you’ll still be using your abs to a great degree. One study actually showed that more core muscles were activated while wearing a belt due to the person’s ability to push their abs harder into the belt therefore recruiting more muscle fibers to help finish the movement. This tactic will go a long way in developing strength and muscularity in your core.

Reason #4: You’ll never be considered a real bodybuilder; only a physique competitor

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a physique competitor at all, it’s just that those guys never have to worry about showing off their quads and hamstring development (or lack of) because of the board shorts they wear. If you want to be a bodybuilder you won’t have that luxury and whatever you have going on in the upper leg department will be on full display.

Reason #5: Respect

You want to be respected for what you do and for what you work hard at each and every day. A well-developed set of wheels goes a long way in earning that respect. Anyone who trains their legs hard knows how hard it actually is and for those who share in the pain, a mutual respect is present and appreciated.

If those reasons weren’t enough to convince you not to skip leg day then I fear the worse for you; a future filled with disappointment and degradation (just kidding). Remember this; friends don’t let friends skip leg day. Be a good friend to someone today!

Author: Dana Bushell
AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, Endevr Athlete, SKECHERS Brand Ambassador, Sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.
Blog: https://customtrainingpro.weebly.com
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