5 Reasons Why Your Mom Does Not Want You To Lift

5 Reasons Why Your Mom Does Not Want You To Lift

When starting out in the gym one person seems to have a lot of concerns about it and that is usually your mother.

She thinks she is protecting you by trying to make you stop lifting weights but what she is really doing is holding her little cup back into becoming a lion.

Your mother has all those worries about you lifting weights and thinks it is a bad idea.

Most of us have probably heard our mother talk about how dangerous lifting weights can be and she has a ton of reasons why it is not a good idea.

In this article we will discuss 5 reasons why your mother thinks you should not lift weights.

mother bodybuilding

1. She thinks supplements are steroids

When your mother sees your new fresh supplement stack you just bought the first thing that comes to her mind is steroids.

She thinks creatine is a steroid powder and that you will soon turn into a roid raging beast if you take it.

That’s when you get “the talk” when your mother sits down with you and talks about how dangerous those supplements can be.

She might even send you an article on facebook that has the title “This bodybuilder died out of supplement abuse” and warn you about the use of these products.

2. You eat all her food

If you are still living with your mother and she regularly buys in groceries for the week she might get annoyed when her bodybuilding son has eaten the week supplied food in 2 days.

She also has concerns about all that protein you are eating and talks about the dangers of eating too much protein.

She even shows you the “food requirement chart” and tells you that you only need 15% protein in your diet.

Even though you know this is not true for bodybuilders your mother has other ideas about the ideal nutrient intake.

3. She thinks you are obsessed with training

All bodybuilders know that it takes a lot of discipline to build muscle and stay in shape.

Many bodybuilders train almost every day of the week and for the average people it is called “obsessed”.

Your mother might say something like this “Your body needs rest, you are obsesses with lifting weights” or “Do you want to see a shrink about your obsession on lifting weights?”

She definitely does not have a clue on what it takes to get that shredded and ripped physique.

4. She believes you will ruin your back by training

She has probably seen some idiot on youtube trying to lift 600 lbs in the squat and breaking his back.

She immediately thinks that you train like that and has concerns about lifting weights and how you could injure yourself.

If you get a little injury while training she says to you “I told you so, it is dangerous to lift weights”

Even though the chances are small to get an injury if you use correct form with the right amount of weight.

5. She thinks you use steroids

When she sees that you are making decent gains the first thing that comes to her mind is her son abusing steroids.

She thinks that everyone that has a little bit of muscles is probably using steroids.

Even though you are a lifetime natural bodybuilder your mother will always suspect you using steroids behind her back.

Final words:

Our mothers are just looking out for us because they love us.

But at the end of the day lifting weights is the thing what makes us grow and help us become more successful in life.

Don’t pay any real attention to people who have not lifted weights and do not have a clue on what goes into it.

Mothers we love you but let your cups become lions!

Author:  Charlie Green

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