5 Reasons Diego Sanchez is one Insane MotherF*cker

5 Reasons Diego Sanchez is one Insane MotherF*cker

Anybody who knows anything about MMA or UFC knows that Diego Sanchez is an absolute and utter badass.

He’s been awarded more ‘Fight of the Night’ awards than any other fighter and has been on the scene from pretty much the beginning when he was crowned the winner of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Season 1.

After a long hiatus from the sport due to a gruesome collar bone injury, the former champ is back and ready to kick ass once again on November 21st against Ricardo Lamas.

But how crazy is Diego Sanchez actually?

Well Urban Dictionary describe the man like this:


In this short article we go through the top 5 examples that makes Diego Sanchez one Insane MotherF*cker that you don’t want to mess with.

1. He’s Never Been Knocked Out

Since starting his fight career around 15 years ago, Diego Sanchez has never been knocked out cold in the octagon.

The guy just doesn’t give up, and has only ever lost a fight on points, or by doctor stoppage from Sanchez refusing to throw in the towel.

A good example of this is the Diego Sanchez VS. Gilbert Melendez fight, which was probably one of the most brutal bouts the sport has ever seen.

Alright, Sanchez didn’t win. But look at this dude, he gets his eyebrow split wide open and a face more swole than a 5% Vegan scrotum full of synthol.

Take a look at some of the highlights from this match, it’s absolute carnage:

2. The Enigma that is the ‘Yes Cartwheel’

If you’ve heard of Diego Sanchez, you’ve probably heard of the Yes Cartwheel.

And you probably still don’t know what the f*ck it’s about.

Spoiler alert: Nobody does.

First seen in the original season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, Diego introduced the world to the hypnotizing display of both athleticism and psychotic mania known only as the ‘Yes Cartwheel’.

The act seems to consist of Sanchez performing numerous cartwheels while chanting ‘YES!’ as loudly and obnoxiously as he can.

Just take a look for yourself:

Although it all seems vaguely positive, it’s pretty obvious this guy has got a screw loose – and definitely someone you don’t want to be standing in the way of when shit hits the fan.

3. He is the Master of Overshare

‘NSFW’, ‘Gore’, and ‘Horrendously Inappropriate’ are all words that don’t apply to Diego when he gets passionate about his sport.

The recent collarbone injury Diego had earlier this year was an issue was concerning, however, the surgery to have it fixed was something that was between Diego and his doctor.

Unfortunately the fighter thought otherwise, and after his operation, Diego thought the most prudent move would be to share images of his surgery for all the world to see.

Without warning on the 5th February 2015, ‘The Nightmare’/’The Dream’, shocked followers by uploading one of the most intense gore photos Twitter has ever seen.

It’s pretty intense and if you want to see a collar bone full of metal, I suggest you click here.

4. He is the Ultimate Weight Class Chameleon

I don’t know about you, but I face changing my diet with the same motivation I have to change my gender. Cutting down is not only difficult process, but there’s a high chance of too much of it cutting away at your gains – a terrifying thought.

However, none of these factors worry Diego in the slightest. In fact, he’s been Welterweight, Lightweight and Middleweight in the past.

And he’s not going to stop there.

Recently Diego has decided to take it all one step further – He’s just lost 45lbs in 5 months.



Diego Sanchez is returning to the octagon in the Featherweight Division: the lightest he’s ever been. He’s looking the leanest and meanest that he ever has in his career and he believes it’s all down to the fat burner Instant Knockout.

We’ve used it ourselves, one of our guys Sean lost a whopping 17.6lbs, but it was nothing like Diego’s cut – You can read his full review of this supplement here.

You can watch Diego’s journey to Featherweight below:

P.S. He trains on a f*cking mountain.

5. He knows how to make an entrance

Finally if you’ve ever watched a Diego fight, you know that aside from the sheer aggression and car-crash brutality, it’s all about the man’s entrances.

Whether he’s marching through the crowd chanting like he was really inspired by that Jim Carrey movie ‘Yes Man’:

Or he had just finished watching the Exorcist:

The delicate combination of pure rage, joy and confusion Diego brings to his walk into the octagon is pure gold from start to finish.

Diego Sanchez – The Conclusion

It’s clear to see that Diego is one crazy dude, and although he’s been in the game a while, he’s career seems to be about to start from fresh all over again.

With the likes of Conor McGregor cutting down to featherweight and then absolutely dominating, who says Sanchez can’t achieve the same with his vast amount of knowledge and experience in the sport?

So, do we think Sanchez has a shot at making it as a featherweight, we have only one answer to this question:


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