5 Rappers That Are More Jacked Than You

5 Rappers That Are More Jacked Than You

Some rappers are into weightlifting and have a great body to show for it. These 5 rappers have definitely been putting in hard work in the studio, the gym and are probably more jacked than you !

NellyNelly Rapper

Flo RidaFlo Rida Rapper Will SmithWill Smith Actor

50 Cent50 Cent Rapper Dr.Dre

Dr.Dre Rapper


Cinque aka Mike Rashid. Mike Rashid the bodybuilder on youtube was once a rapper under the stage name CinQue. You can look him up on youtube to hear some of his songs, they are pretty good to be honest.

Before bodybuilding

Mike Rashid bodybuilder


Mike Rashid bodybuilder


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    no fucks given

    mike rashid a a badass motherfucker, i salute him, show u how u can come from rock bottom and make it, and yes natty or not doesnt matter, fuck that

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