5 Mandatory Things Girls Need To Do To Keep Their Bodybuilding Boyfriend Satisfied

5 Mandatory Things Girls Need To Do To Keep Their Bodybuilding Boyfriend Satisfied

When it comes down to relationships most bodybuilders have to carefully choose what partner suits them best in order for them to continue reaching their goals and making gains on a weekly basis. Unfortunately for us bodybuilders most girls are simply just not willing to do what it takes to keep their bodybuilding boyfriend happy. If you are a girl and want to be with a dedicated bodybuilder these are the 10 mandatory things you need to be doing in order for him to be satisfied.

Cook all his meals

The common bodybuilder eats anywhere between 3-6 times per day and most of those meals consist of either steak, fish or chicken that needs to be cooked(obviously). It’s an extremely difficult thing for some bodybuilders to keep their diet in check because of all the cooking they have to do. That’s when the girlfriend steps in, if you are a girl you need to be cooking the meals for your bodybuilding boyfriend preferably all his meals if you have the time. He will respect you for it and love you even more.

Wash his clothes

Most bodybuilders lift weights 5-7 times per week and top of that a couple of cardio sessions per week. Which means they go through their workout clothes extremely fast and the clothes need to be washed on a regular basis, at least if they don’t want to smell like a stinky pig in the gym. Bodybuilders are most of the times too tired to wash their clothes, because often they come home from a gruelling leg workout vey tired and that’s why it’s so important that their girlfriend does that for them so they can relax in the coach and start recovering from their workout whilst drinking their post workout shake.

Support him and chip in a couple of dollars for supplements

Most bodybuilders don’t have a lot of cash to spend. They spend it all on gym memberships, workout clothes, workout gear, supplements, food and all the things they need in order to become a successful bodybuilder. That’s why it’s so important for their girlfriend to buy their supplements for them every once in a while, it may be expensive but your bodybuilding boyfriend will be very grateful.

Keep in him satisfied in the bedroom

Most bodybuilders have an incredible sex drive and need more sex than the average person. That’s why they need a girlfriend that can fulfil their needs and keep them satisfied at all times.

Massage his sore muscles everyday

It’s definitely a very important thing for bodybuilders to get a good massage on sore muscles so they can recover faster and get some blood flow in the muscle. It’s a mandatory thing for all bodybuilders that their girlfriend gives them a good massage preferably every day they are training.

These are the basic 5 things girls need to be doing if they want to keep their bodybuilder boyfriend satisfied, I am sure that there are a lot of other things they need to be doing but these are the 5 most important ones.

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