5 Lessons I Have Learned From Natural Superstar Mike O’Hearn

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53-year-old Mike O’Hearn, “The Titan” is a veteran in the fitness game; as a competitive bodybuilder, Mike O’Hearn won the Mr. Universe four times in his career; on top of that, he is a four-time powerlifting champion and has become an icon in the fitness industry.

The 53-year-old Mike is still actively involved in fitness and has an imposing physique that has only improved with time.

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Mike has become famous and featured on hundreds of fitness magazine covers with his impressive physique.

The natural bodybuilding superstar regularly posts educational videos on his YouTube channel, where he shares his workouts using his famous power bodybuilding style training.

Mike also shows off the incredible shape he has built by training smartly for over four decades.

In this post, I will go over valuable lessons I have learned from the natural bodybuilding superstar Mike O’Hearn by watching most of his videos and podcasts.

You can be natural and build an incredible physique.

Mike O’Hearn has proven that you don’t need to use any illegal PEDs to achieve an elite shape.

With innovative training and proper nutrition, Mike has gone against all odds and built a physique that is better than many PED users have.

Mike’s dedication to the sport proves you can also achieve success without taking the easy way out.

That might be why Mike looks young at 53 years old, has thick and good hair, has no bubble guts, and looks pretty healthy.

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PED users usually don’t have nice hair like Mike; many have bubble guts, and their health concerns them.

You Have To Train Your Body To Consume Many Calories

Mike has frequently talked about the importance of training your body to consume more calories and carbs; by doing that, you increase your body’s metabolic rate.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the natural bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn about dieting, and I have tried to apply his method on my journey of creating an all-natural and impressive physique.

Stop letting these people tell you that you are this delicate little flower and you always got to be cutting those calories and cutting these calories as you get older. Trust me by the time you get 35 you 20-year-olds, and you are already cutting it, by the time you are 35 you are done. Don’t even try to get to this age and still be eating like this and training like this, I mean that’s just not realistic.

If you have seen Mike’s diet videos, you can see that the man eats a lot of food and believes in making the metabolism work properly; you have to train your body to eat more food.

Behind The Neck Press is a great exercise “stop saying it’s bad for you; you are doing it wrong.”

Mike O’Hearn frequently does Behind the neck presses in his videos and has said numerous times that it is a great exercise.

In one of his videos, Mike explained to the “Snowflakes” that behind-the-neck presses are a great exercise, and here’s what he said in the video:

Snowflakes this one may be the one want to sit out on because it is going to crush your souls. It’s not that you do it, its how you do it and I’ve said it time and time again, stop saying it’s bad for you, you are doing it wrong that’s all it is, if you can’t do them you have bad shoulders. Whoo, that’s going to make some snowflakes very angry, no safe space.

Mike makes sense with this one; just because you have bad shoulders doesn’t mean the exercise is bad, and it is one of his go-to exercises for shoulders.

Lift Heavy While On A Cut

Mike O’Hearn is a big fan of heavy weights, and if you have watched any of his videos, you can see he is very strong.

Mike follows a method he invented called “power bodybuilding,” where he uses heavy weights paired with a great form to achieve longevity and success.

Here’s one quote from Mike where he addressed the importance of keeping the heavyweight on a cut to maintain that hard-earned muscle size.

Please do not run away from the heavier weights, and what I mean by heavier weights is that I don’t mean you have to do singles or anything like that but keep some rep range at least for the first exercise of 6-8 and go heavy, heavy for that rep range. The reason why you still want to keep the body under that stress to maintain that muscle, not just burn off that muscle. Your diet is going to get your fat out of there, your cardio is going to help you. keep your muscle as you are getting ready for that show and that is one of the biggest things I wish I did more of as a teenage bodybuilder, it took me forever to realize, don’t run away from the heavier weights.

You don’t have to get fat while building muscle.

I think I have never seen Mike out of shape; this guy is ripped all year round and has been ripped forever.

It shows that you don’t have to do a dirty bulk to gain muscle, Mike is the proof he is almost stage-ready all year round, and there is no picture of Mike available out of shape.

That’s because Mike has to stay in shape. After all, he does numerous guest-posing appearances every year, meaning he has gained a lot of muscle while staying relatively ripped.

Even though Mike eats around 4600 calories daily, he has trained his body to burn more calories. This is a part of why Mike has been able to maintain an elite physique for decades.

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