5 Hulking Bodybuilders from Africa that will make you feel tiny

5 Hulking Bodybuilders from Africa that will make you feel tiny

Some people will say it is down to their genetics, while others will say it is down to the shots of steroids that are potentially taken each morning, whatever the case; these five African bodybuilders have amazing physiques.

While they do not have access to any top of the range facilities and gyms, they have still managed to craft an enviable physique. They utilise old, rusted equipment that is made up of discarded scrap from machinery and whatever else they can lay their hands on. This is next level dedication.

  1. Isaac Yeboah Baah


As the founder of the University in Bodybuilding, he can be found at his gym called the Faculty of Muscles. As a leader of a scout team in Ghana, there is no doubt that people or animals would not want to mess with him. He is also fairly light hearted and can have a joke about things. He has admitted that he got some work completed on his legs.


  1. Kulbila Agyarko Samuel


You may recognise Kulbila as he was an internet sensation due to the home made nature of his gym and the amazing result she has achieved without having access to any type of supplements.


In the western world, people take the facilities and products they have access to for granted. On his Instagram page, he claims that he is completely natural and the amazing results have come through sheer hard work.

  1. Kankam Samuel


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Kankam is bit of a mystery. If you are reading this, give us some background on your bio! Until that moment in time, the photos will be able to do the talking.


  1. Joe Bataba

joe (2)

Joe also trains in a completely homemade gym, showcasing that it doesn’t matter where you train, you can still achieve amazing results if you possess the discipline and work ethic. These guys are truly inspiring.

  1. Dickson Ola


From Lagos, Nigeria, Dickson is a competitor in his home country and uses hemp seed to great effect as his main protein source.


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