5 EXTREME Fat Loss Hacks (get ripped abs in 30 days or less)

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EXTREME FAT LOSS HACKS THAT WORK extreme fat loss hacks Losing weight while either building or retaining muscle mass is tough.

Whether you are cutting for competition or just trying to obtain that perfect lean muscular physique, it can prove harder than gaining mass in the first place.

One thing is certain, you’re going to have to watch the diet and stick to a serious training regime.

But often, you hit a fat loss plateau head-on—despite your efforts, no weight is lost—or results are so minimal you simply don’t see any improvement.

However, there are some shockingly effective techniques to skyrocket the pound-shedding, boosting your current diet and training regime returns and speeding up the fat loss process. This article lets you into my favorite extreme fat loss hacks.

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These are some of the most effective techniques I have picked up over the years from bodybuilding professionals.

Enabling you to lose the unwanted pounds while retaining the all-important muscle mass—at breakneck speed.

Using these tips will provide impressive returns—improving your muscle to fat ratio, giving you a totally awesome physique and sending your confidence through the roof.

But be careful, using my extreme fat loss hacks will produce some side effects—a god-like physique, a libido that is off the scale, and increased attention from the opposite sex.

1. Turn up the heat

extreme fat loss hacks turn up the heat Hopefully, you’re a fan of spicy food. If not, it’s time to grow up, be one of the big boys and start enjoying it—this is one of the most powerful and easiest ways to maximize weight loss. Chili pepper. Add this ingredient to everything you cook.

In fact, even if you decide to order takeout, either choose one which contains chili or sprinkle it on post-purchase.

Chilis ramp up your metabolism, leading to impressive weight loss results.

Here’s how it works.

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand eating chili makes you feel hot—yet the burning mouth and head-sweat are just the obvious symptoms.

Behind the scenes, your body is reacting to the capsaicinoids contained within.

These compounds are actually an irritant—your body doesn’t particularly like these strange chemicals—so in response, it tries to deal, dilute and digest them as soon as possible. The numerous chemical reactions in these processes generate heat—which sends your metabolism into overdrive.

And, just as your car burns through gasoline when you push it to the limit—your body requires increased fuel too. It finds this in your fat stores.

More spice means an increase in metabolism and as a result fat is lost—a process known as thermogenesis.

However, the formidable power of chili as a weight loss hack doesn’t end here.

Experts have shown that this awesome food also boosts lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) and helps to restore healthy insulin levels.

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What’s more, it makes food taste amazing.

2. Get down and dirty

fat loss tricks Trying to lose weight is often considered unpleasant—diets that always seem to omit your favorite foods, and insane cardio workouts.

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It’s hardly an encouragement. Well, for a change, let me give you a fat-busting hack you’re actually going to enjoy.

As soon as you’ve finished reading this article, go and have sex.

Partner, wife, friend, wife’s friend—it doesn’t matter.

Just get some between the sheets action.

Having a marathon bedroom session has numerous fat-shedding benefits.

Firstly, its exercise and this burns fat’s best friend—calories.

Generally, men burn more calories than women during sex—I don’t think I need to spell out why.

An average “session” tends to burn around 100 calories, but the amount expended depends on how long, and indeed, how you do it.

So, the longer and more adventurous you are, the more weight you will lose.

Secondly, sex—and especially having that all-important orgasm—releases oxytocin —often referred to as the “love hormone.”

Forget about its benefits of bonding and relationship building, this hormone is a fat-killer.

Oxytocin reduces cravings for food, meaning you are less likely to overeat and absorb excess calories.

Additionally, it increases mood and alleviates depression.

What’s more, this awesome orgasmic-centric compound reduces the damaging effects of cortisol—sex counteracts stress.

Finally, bedroom action and orgasm increase the body’s production of testosterone.

It’s understood that this hormone increases the rate of fat breakdown in the male body.

Additionally, if the ratio of testosterone to estrogen leans towards estrogen’s favor, this can encourage fat accumulation on the belly, butt and chest area—leading to man boobs.

Boosting testosterone redresses this balance.

So do your body a favor and go and have sex.

As much, as often, and for as long as you can.

3. Control the carbs

lose fat fast Many fitness freaks and gym junkies fall into two categories—either considering carbs as the devil’s food and responsible for fat gains, or believing them to be an essential source of energy.

The issue is, believing either of these extreme mindsets can be counterproductive.

In reality, it’s actually quite simple.

First, carbs are essential.

They are your body’s go-to source of energy.

This is what helps you power through mammoth training sessions.

The key is knowing which carbohydrates to consume to build muscle and lose fat. Let me take you through it.

Firstly, ensure you eat complex carbohydrates.

These are found in foods such as oatmeal, potatoes and brown rice.

This type is synthesized into glycogen—the energy stores for your muscles.

In addition, they are a slow-burning form, meaning energy is sustained throughout your training sessions.

These carbs also reduce the levels of fat storage by controlling blood sugar levels.

Avoid simple carbs such as fructose—it’s going to pile on the pounds. Secondly, instead of one king-sized portion of carbs, eat little but often.

This ensures constant levels of insulin are retained throughout the day, which assists with weight control.

Loading the body with a mass of carbs, even in the complex form, means they are more likely to be stored as fat.

Thirdly, combine your complex carbs with protein in the same meal—for example, with a serious portion of meat or a supplemental protein powder.

Metabolizing protein places pressure on the body, boosting your BMR and reducing the likelihood of carbohydrates being stored as fat—instead, they are used for energy.

So, don’t cut the carbs—control them.

4. Be cool, bro

trick to lose weight If you’ve been taking hack #2 literally (and you should), this could lead to two results.

Either your partner will be having so much fun she’s demanding more (in which case do so), or she’s found your bedroom demands so intense you’re ordered to take a cold shower.

If it’s the latter, take her advice, jump in the shower and whack it down to its coolest setting.

Research has shown us that a cool shower is an excellent way to lose fat.

As soon as you get under the cold water, your body goes into a semi-state of shock—it tenses and becomes rigid with the rapid drop in temperature.

Be a man and work through it.

Within 30 seconds or so, you will find it becomes more tolerable (although still not particularly pleasant).

Your body is designed to operate perfectly at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

If it senses that this ideal temperature is under threat, it begins to take counteractive measures.

Blood rushes to surround the vital organs and then you begin to shiver.

This is good.

Shivering has two potent fat-loss properties.

Firstly, as the muscles begin to shake, heat is created.

This means energy is being expended and therefore calories are being burnt.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, as the body detects these muscle contractions, it’s stimulated into non-shivering thermogenesis.

In this state, the body begins to burn its reserves of brown adipose tissue (BAT or “brown fat”).

Just like throwing some coals on the fire, this burning of fuel creates heat.

The fat breaks down, and the fatty acids become the fuel.

Put simply, you lose fat.

However, just a quick word of warning.

By all means have a cold shower after sex or first thing in the morning.

But, if you’re looking to gain and retain muscle, never use this technique immediately after resistance training.

It’s true that cold showers or baths can reduce the onset of DOMS and reduce lactic acid—this is why they are so popular with athletes.

Yet, cooling down the muscles rapidly after an intense lifting session can reduce the rate of muscle protein synthesis—hampering your training results.

5. Use a solid fat burner that actually works

fast loss hack to lose weight fast It’s no secret that many guys (and girls) take illegal supplements to enhance weight loss.

Favored among ‘roid users is the famous clenbuterol – taken by bodybuilders for serious cutting and among movie stars for, well, weight loss.

And they work.

That’s why these guys use it.

Unfortunately, it can lead to cramps, jitters, vomiting, palpitations, anxiety, enlarging of the heart muscles and – possibly – death.

The serious side effects from these types of illegal supplements outweigh any benefits.

But what if you do want the extra boost to your cutting WITHOUT risking your health?

Well, luckily for you it’s not the 80’s anymore.

Science has come very far in recent years.

Recent advances in scientific research have led to some incredible fat burners on the market which can vastly accelerate weight loss.

Made from 100% natural ingredients – proven to shed the pounds – they have zero side effects and are completely safe.

How do the best one’s work?

They work by addressing four main factors of weight loss:

1. They boost the metabolism. 

Just like consuming chili in hack #1, the most powerful fat burner skyrockets your metabolic rate, burning fat as its fuel.

2. They alleviate hunger.

If your appetite is curbed, you will have an easier time maintaining a calorie deficit.

3. They supercharge your energy.

This allows you to power through longer in the gym, burn more calories and build more muscle.

4. They inhibit the absorption of fat.

Either promoting its use as an energy reserve or simply expelling it through “natural processes”.

Just imagine the look on your friends faces a short 30 days from now when they see how ripped you’ve gotten by using a natural fat burner like that.

You’ll have ripped abs, sculpted arms and a defined awesome ripped look.

This will skyrocket your confidence of course.

But what’s the best fat burner on the market that actually works.

Well, after months of research we came to the conclusion that the most powerful natural fat burner supplement on the market is:

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