5 Exercises You Should Avoid and Do Alternatives Instead

5 Exercises You Should Avoid

One of the main truths of life is that you need to lift big to get big. Whatever weightlifting routine you follow, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you have some mass building exercises in there. For the most part, as long as you use proper form and a reasonable amount of weight, you can avoid injury while gaining decent size. The thing is though, there are some exercises most guys do that are just no good. A lot of these you get taught or learn about at some point but never actually consider if they may do more harm than good simply because they are popular exercises. Just because something is popular though doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Apparently Kali Muscle is pretty popular but if I listened to all of his advice I would probably end up jackin’ it for old dudes on the internet to pay for roids, I mean tuna and Top Ramen.

5 exercises you should avoid

It’s hard for some people to let go of these bad exercises even if they are proven to cause physical problems down the road. For some reason guys just don’t like to admit when a popular exercise is crap. Even some old school bodybuilders swear by these movements and will tell you that you shouldn’t worry about what any studies say about them, but in reality, the exercises just aren’t worth it. So I’m going to go over some common exercises that you should avoid and give you good alternatives.

Top 5 Exercises You Should Avoid and Alternatives to do instead

1. Behind the head lat pulldowns.

Many people have been taught to pull the bar behind their heads on lat pulldowns but it’s just not a good exercise. For some reason guys swear by this exercise and even king Arnold himself has promoted it. The problem with behind the head lat pulldowns though is that it puts a lot of stress on the shoulder joint. There is a great amount of outward rotation on the humerus when pulling the bar downward which over stretches the ligaments and tendons of your shoulder. After a while this can cause injury and future shoulder problems. Also, it’s just an uncomfortable movement. Whatever gains you think you are getting from this movement won’t matter once you hurt yourself. Try spanking one out or finger blasting a chick when your shoulders are all gnarled up giving you some special looking t-rex arms.

The alternative.

Just fucking do front pulldowns. Why people want to do an uncomfortable exercise when there is such an easy and more beneficial movement is beyond me. There are many kinds of front lat pulldowns you can do so skip the behind the neck shit. Try using different bars and handles for front pulldowns and save your shoulders a lot of future pain.

2. Upright rows.

Here’s another exercise which is great for fucking up your shoulders. Upright rows are bad because they cause your upper arm bone to bang up against your acromion process joint, which can compress the nerves in your shoulders and fuck up the cartilage in the joint. Do this enough and you can develope nagging shoulder pain and even arthritis. Fucking awesome. I’m sure many of you already have some of these shoulder problems just from everyday movements from work and whatnot, no need to add this shitty exercise into the mix.

The alternative.

A good alternative for upright rows is pretty simple. Just do bent over rows instead. This will work the delts and traps pretty well without causing joint or nerve damage. So instead of becoming awful at giving high fives and or slipping ladies the 5 knuckle shuffle, you will have strong manly shoulders made for riding noble steeds into the battle of love that is a woman’s sweet loins.

3. The pec deck fly.

Oh the good ol’ pec deck fly. How can Caleb possibly shit on such a classic exercise? Afterall, they built a machine specifically for this movement so how can it be bad? I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with your shoulders. Noticing a pattern here? The pec deck fly is bad for a few reasons. One, it doesn’t let you move enough weight to overload the muscle to bring about decent muscle growth. Secondly, and this is the real shitty part, many lifters allow the arm pads to hyperextend their shoulder joints on the lowering part of the lift. So rather than effectively working your pecs, you are more likely jacking up your shoulders. Good luck trying to give your sexual partner the precise level of gentleness during the gorilla jackhammer position when your shoulder joints keep popping out of place.

The alternative.

Flat bench dumbbell flys. These are good for stretching out the pecs and pumping them up with high reps. Plus you get the added bonus of having your shoulders in a more comfortable position, as in not a fixed position, while not only building up your pectoral muscles, but also the smaller stabilizing muscles in your shoulders.

4. The leg extension

I didn’t really want to add this one to the list because I personally love this exercise. It really works my quads great but the science behind this movement is just not good. If you have strong knee joints it may not be a problem for you but the fact remains, it’s not a very good exercise. It puts way too much pressure on your knee joints while locking your legs in place.

Your legs aren’t really meant to move heavy weight in the way that this exercise forces them too.

The alternative.

Try doing pistol squats. These really help in building strength and stability in your legs. Not only do you work your quads, but also your glutes and it improves your balance. This is a much better movement not only for muscle building, but also for helping with athleticism.

5. The smith machine squat.

Are you noticing another pattern here? Machine exercises that lock you into stiff, rigid positions are no good. The smith machine bar is on a fixed track which makes it so your core doesn’t have to do any work in stabilizing your body. Frequently using the smith machine for squats causes muscle imbalances as your abs and lower back don’t have to do much work. This exercise can also cause too much stress on the knees as your hips are unable to bend properly like they do in free weight squats.

The alternative.

If you are frequently using the smith machine to do squats I’m going to assume it is because you do not feel comfortable performing free weight squats. If this is the case I recommend doing box squats instead of ever using the shit ass smith machine. If you are unfamiliar with the box squat, it’s a free weight squat with a box or bench behind you that you lower your body down until your glutes touch, then raise back up. This helps perfect your squat form while keeping you safe as you can always just sit down if you can’t complete the rep. Once you master the box squat you can eventually go on and do regular free weight squats. Then you can do some serious jack rabbit bunny hopping sexy moves with your significant other and or bar skank since you have strong legs.

Well there you have it. I do have five more exercises to add to this for a future article once I get around to it. But for now I hope this helps some you out there and keeps your from fucking yourselves up.

Author: Caleb James for BroScience, read more from him here

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