5 Exercises That Are a Complete Waste of Time

5 Exercises That Are a Complete Waste of Time

We’ve all seen those people at the gym doing bizarre exercises that get people staring. Things like doing squats on a bosu ball or bench press with your knees in the air. Bodybuilding sites claim that these exercises are more efficient and train more muscle groups.

However, are they really as effective as the magazines make them out to be? Or is it just a gimmick to get people to keep reading their publication? Today we are going to break down 5 exercises that are absolutely not worth your time.

Chances are if you have been going to the gym for awhile you have noticed people doing these exercises. Not only will they not lead to gains but they can in fact put yourself at risk, so check out the list below to make sure you aren’t actually doing them.

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All Bosu-Ball Exercises

You probably saw this one coming, but we still need to mention it. There are tons of gimmicky exercises out there that involve the bosu ball.

For example, squats on a bosu ball, bench press on a bosu ball, curls on a bosu ball, etc. While the bosu ball has it’s place for certain types of workouts it simply isn’t ideal if you are trying to build as much mass as possible.

This type of functional or balance training has become very popular in recent years. The argument is that they work your core muscles more to control the overall body.

While this may be true, it’s usually at the expense of the target muscle group. Chances are you won’t be able to bench press as much on a bosu ball as you could on a bench.

As a result, you won’t be able to overload the muscle as effectively which as we know is crucial for building mass.

Instead of using a bosu ball try adding in techniques like bands, chains, unilateral trainingor even kettlebells. These are proven techniques for building mass while still mixing things up and shocking your muscles with an exercise they aren’t used to.

Seated Adductor/Abductor Machines

You know those machines that women tend to use – where you sit on the machine and either push outward or inward. The idea is that you can reduce fat on your legs specifically with this exercise.

Unfortunately as we know spot reducing fat is impossible and therefore this exercise amounts to a waste of time. Most gyms have it since women insist on using it, but you are better off performing a more proven exercise.

Remember, fat loss can’t be focused on a single area. If you want to build mass on the hips then you should perform exercises like lunges, squats and even leg raises. These will work your leg muscles a lot harder and stimulate fat loss throughout the body.Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 16.49.05

Single-Arm Cable Tricep Pushdowns

This exercise involves holding onto the cable with a reverse grip and pressing down on the weight by your side in order to isolate the triceps.

However, what generally ends up happening is people set the weight too high and use their entire body to move the weight down, defeating the purpose of the isolation exercise.

You see a lot of people doing this exercise in magazines but there really are a lot of better options out there.

This exercise can certainly be added back once you have built some mass on your triceps, but when starting out you want to focus on exercises that put real mass on your triceps like dips, skullcrushers, close grip bench press and tricep extensions.

High Cable Bicep Curls

You have probably seen people doing this exercise at one point. You stand in the middle of two cables and set them to the maximum weight. Then you curl the weight inwards towards your ears.

Essentially, it looks as though you are doing a front double-bicep pose. This is absolutely one of the biggest time-wasters out there. For starters most people use too much weight and poor form and is nowhere near as effective as other bicep exercises.

Most people enjoy it because they get to look at themselves flexing in the mirror. However, if you actually want to build great biceps do some proven exercises then look at yourself flexing in the mirror later.

If you are serious about building bicep mass, stick to the time-tested exercises.

Barbell and dumbbell curls are still the kings for mass building. Some variations include 21s, spider curls or incline seated curls are effective to mix things up. If your bicep routine doesn’t involve dumbbell or barbell curls you are going to have a hard time building significant bicep mass.

Using Bad Form

Ok so this isn’t exactly a specific exercise but you can be sure that if your form is bad you won’t make much progress no matter what kind of routine you are doing. Things like lifting your butt off the bench during a bench-press, using momentum on rows, swinging weights, cheating, etc. will tank your progress quickly.

Instead, use excellent form on every exercise. Use full range of motion when performing squats, deadlifts, bench press, rows, etc. It’s ok to cheat a bit on the last few reps in order to go past failure but you want to make it an exception, not the norm.

How to not waste your time in the gym

So many guys are wasting the time they spend in the gym simply because they do not take their nutrition more seriously. See if you could be building muscle faster here.

One thing you might have noticed about these exercises is that they are for the most part isolation exercises – movements focused on working a very specific muscle. Generally speaking, unless you are an advanced bodybuilder, you will want to focus on exercises that work multiple muscle groups and build mass throughout the body.

They will be more challenging and require more effort and attention to form but they will yield the best results. They also cause the biggest testosterone boost in the body, which is essential to muscle growth.

In fact, testosterone levels are so important that if your levels are low you simply won’t get anywhere close to the physique you want. It’s the #1 reason why so many guys aren’t making the gains they hoped for.

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These products use natural ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone levels naturally – which means the gains you make will be sustainable and safe. Unlike those nasty illegal synthetic hormones.

Make sure your testosterone booster contains legit ingredients, because there are a lot of scam products out there. Check out our guide on the best test boosting ingredients here.

Additionally, the testosterone boost you get will help fuel your workouts and overload the muscles more effectively which will lead to faster progress. It’s easy to get frustrated and discouraged from training when no gains are being made.

Often the source of the lack of progress is low t-levels – so make sure this doesn’t become an issue for you.

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