5 exercises you can do while you are on the toilet

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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Have you ever been stuck on the toilet with diarreha or do you just like to take yourself a good time to do your business?

Why waste your time on the toilet doing nothing when you can be building some serious muscles ?

Have you ever had pumped arms after a trip to the toilet?

I can tell you from my own experience it’s one of the best feelings ever!

All you need is one set of dumbbells to do a full arm workout and get pumped up.

Everyday at lunch brake i will take my pair of dumbbells with me to the toilet!
I will go and do my business and  do a toilet workout at the same time!
It takes me usually 20-25 minutes to complete my toilet workout.
When i come back from the toilet i have a great pump in my arms. It’s a very productive workout you can do this at home, at your work or in your school.
Just be sure to pack your pair of dumbbells everywhere you go so you can always take a toilet workout!

 Here are the 5 excercises you can do with just a pair of dumbbells!


Shoulder press

Before you start doing anything you should warm up with 15-20 push ups to prepare your muscles for a killer workout.
Shoulder press is one of my favorite toilet exercise. Sitting on the toilet while doing this exercise is almost the same as sitting on a bench in the gym! After you have completed 3 sets till failure of this exercise you can move on to Seated triceps press.


Seated triceps press

Now that you have blasted your deltoids its time to move on and go straight into your triceps exercise. Remember that you are on the toilet and nobody likes to spend hours on the toilet so it’s no time for rest just start pumping immediately after you have finished your shoulder press . Take 3 sets of seated triceps press with 20-30 seconds rest in between sets.



One arm triceps extension

The triceps are the biggest muscles in the arm so if you thought you would get away with only one triceps exercise you are wrong my friend. In this exercise you only work one arm at the time the other one gets rest while the other one is working. After 3 sets of each arm your triceps should be really pumped up . But remember you cant be a lazy piece of shit and take minutes in brakes in between sets. You don’t want to stay on the toilet forever and only 2 triceps exercises are not going to give you enough pump if you are resting the whole time.

Concentration curls

Now you move on to the concentration curls. Remember to get a good stretch and don’t to be an idiot and do half reps. take 3 sets on each arm to absolute failure. You want to have your biceps peak at it’s best condition after these curls. The final touch on your workout will me seated dumbbell reverse wrist curl. This exercise will get your veins poppin out of your forearm.

Seated dumbbell reverse wrist curls

Now you should have a great pump all over your arms.
But to finish the workout you will do wrist curls to get that forearm pump. After 3 sets of wrist curls till failure your veins should look like a garden hose.
Now is the time to get out of the toilet and put a tight t shirt on!

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