5 Excellent Sources Of Healthy Fats To Get Lean

5 Excellent Sources Of Healthy Fats To Get Lean

So you want to know something about healthy fats?

Somehow over the last decade or so fat got itself a really bad reputation. People associated dietary fat with the type of fat we carry around our mid-sections and started to do whatever they could to cut it out.

Food manufacturers responded with low-fat food products that made up for the lackluster taste by adding a bunch of sugar.

Now people are starting to realize that it is in fact sugar that is bad for you and we are seeing another shift in the type of products on store shelves.

When we think about healthy fats, we tend to think of natural peanut butter, olive oil, avocados, etc. However as it turns out there are actually a lot of other great sources of healthy fats out there. Look, we like natural peanut butter as much as the next guy but eventually you reach a point where you’ve had so much of it that you wouldn’t mind trying something different.

By replacing some of the carbs you are eating with these healthy fats will definitely help you get lean.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 sources of healthy fats – give some of them a try and you just might find you have a new favorite.

5 Excellent Sources of Healthy Fats

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1 – Krill Oil

This fat source is found in a tiny fish that looks like shrimp. They contain a ton of Omega 3 fatty acids – about as much as you get in your typical fish oil tablet. The name comes from the Norwegian language and it means “food for whales” as it is typically consumed by whales and sharks. So no, it didn’t get the name because it’s a popular food choice among fat people.

In fact, obese people would be well served to eat more Krill Oil as they would notice a positive change in their health and appearance.

So what makes Krill Oil so healthy? Because it is loaded with Omega 3s it is a key component of warding off heart disease as well as high blood pressure. In fact, it even reduces your chances of depression, cancer and various other medical issues.

It also makes your blood less sticky so you it can move a lot more easily, thereby reducing your chance of blood clots. Finally, it keeps the blood sugar levels in a healthy range and keeps your mind working well. In fact, it can even help reduce your chances of developing alzheimer’s or dementia.

There’s actually a lot more it does but we don’t’ want to turn this into an entire article about Krill Oil, so we’ll leave it there assuming we’ve convinced you it’s important. Only a small amount of this wonder supplement is needed. It’s easy to find in pill form and can be consumed at your convenience.


2 – Macadamia Nut Oil

Macadamia nut oil isn’t just for skin creams – it actually one of the healthiest fat sources out there. It’s pretty versatile – you can put in on a salad, add it to a recipe or even for frying. It’s backed with Omega 3s and monounsaturated fats.

It also acts as an anti-inflammatory which helps speed up muscle recovery and improves your performance at the gym. Finally, it’s loaded with other nutrients like iron, magnesium and thiamine making it one of the healthiest foods out there.

It makes a great topping for all kinds of foods or you can just use it in place of olive oil. Don’t start gulping this stuff down though – it still contains 9 calories per gram so you can easily go over your daily calorie limit if you aren’t careful. Just aim for roughly 30% of your calories to come from fat and make sure your macadamia nut oil intake falls into that.Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 14.00.42

3 – Ghee

Don’t worry – you aren’t the only one who hasn’t heard of this particularly food. It’s buttery food from India used in food and medicine. It’s made from warming butter and taking out the liquid residue.

It has a nutty taste and is a great cooking ingredient. It’s 100% lactose free and packed with various nutrients that will give you tons of extra energy. You can simply use this as a replacement for butter in your diet.

4 – Eggs

No, we aren’t talking about egg whites here – we want the full egg! Unfortunately egg yolks have been getting a bad reputation over the years due to their high cholesterol content. As it turns out, the benefits of the egg yolk are far greater than the negatives.

In addition to being loaded with all kinds of nutrients it also helps boost your testosterone levels. (Related: The Best Ingredients To Raise Testosterone Production)

While the egg whites are a purer source of protein, those who take the yolks out when preparing their eggs are missing out. Extra protein, healthy fats and even more calories for those who are on a bulk – are all packed inside that egg yolk.

From now on instead of having an egg white omelet try adding in a few egg yolks with it. Alternatively you can add some eggs to your oatmeal or any other dish that needs a protein boost like stir fry or rice.

5 – High-Fat Yogurt

Greek yogurt has become quite popular due to it’s high protein content compared with regular yogurt. There are also a lot of sugar-free options so the market has done a very good job responding to the increased demand.

However, there’s another product out there you should check out: full fat yogurt. It has a solid balance of protein, carbs and fat not to mention it requires minimal preparation work. When it comes to yogurt just make sure it fits into your daily macros – remember that in contains carbs, protein and fat so it will be affecting all three.

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By including these healthy fats into your diet you are definitely doing your body a good deed. These healthy fats may in fact even help you to get leaner if you replace some of those simple carbs you are eating with these healthy fats.

Summer is around the corner so I hope you guys have already found out which diet you are using if you are cutting (my choice will be the keto diet, which is great because it includes a lot of fats and almost zero carbs), I am going to lift 5x time per week and do HIIT twice a week, I am also using a legit fat burner as I found out it helped me a lot on my last cut.

Enough about my summer cut plans lets move on…

The great thing about having the awareness of just how good fats are for you is that more and more grocery stores are starting to stock these items.

Obviously they are looking to make a profit and if healthy fat products are what people are looking for you can expect them to order more. 10 years ago most of these products would be impossible to find (aside from eggs of course) – you’d be lucky just to get a jar of natural peanut butter.

Now it seems like every store carries 10 different types of nut butter spreads, but we digress. Give these foods a shot and you just might start kicking yourself for not finding these sooner.

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