5 Essentials for GAINS!! – Do These And You’re Guaranteed Success

Written by James Caird

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Calorific Surplus

The title sound fancy? Basically this just essential element of making sure you’re eating enough! If you’re not eating more calories than you burn then you won’t do much growing!!! Carbs, Fats and Proteins all have their place in achieving maximum gains, so make sure you’re getting enough of each!


Train Hard

Go in the gym and OWN IT!! Push yourself every workout and give your body no option but to grow!! All too often I see people just coming in the gym and going through the motions and guess what? Year after year they just look the same… don’t be like them!! Beast mode or Bitch mode? You decide…



Another area that is neglected by many! You don’t grow in the gym… You don’t grow when you have a protein shake… You grow when you rest! In the gym you break down muscle fibres, causing loads of little micro tears. This is then repaired by your body when you rest, with the repaired state being bigger and stronger than it previously was… and hey presto! You’ve got GAINZ!!

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It’s very important to keep mixing things up in the gym! It’s all too common for people to come in, week after week, month after month and go through the same workout… Yeah, you might see results at first but soon your body will get used to it and soon the gains will grind to a halt! You need to keep mixing things up to keep your body guessing and adapting to the new stimulus. Things such as, the exercises you do, the number of reps, the number of sets, the length of rest periods between sets and intensifiers (i.e. drop sets, forced reps, super sets) can all be utilised to mix things up, keep your body adapting and keep the gain train at full pace!!



The quote “success is the sum of many small accomplishments” is very true here!! I can’t lie to you, and most of you will know this… Gains don’t come easy or quick, but if you chisel away at it, day after day, week after week, month after month, TRUST ME IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!


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