5 Easy Ways To Jack Up Your Intensity In The Gym

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Aside from genetics, intensity is easily the single biggest limiting factor in your success.

Going through the motions, lifting said weight until it feels a little uncomfortable and simply finishing your workout instead of the workout finishing you, is a surefire way to zero gains.

The intensity you employ for the duration of your workout could possibly be your biggest advantage (if you’re using your intensity correctly and effectively) or your downfall if you aren’t giving it all you’ve got.

If you feel you need a refresher course in just what intensity is, then simply look around your gym for the guy/girl who looks so focused and so determined to maximize their time in the gym that they move as though no one else is around them; that’s what intensity looks like.

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Try utilizing some or all of the following intensity boosting tips to help get your head in the game and your physique in the limelight.

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#1: How bad do you want it?

Ask yourself this question over and over again.

How bad do you really want the physique you say you want?

How much pain and sacrifice are you willing to endure? Are you prepared to puke after a heavy set of squats?

Do you care if you fail in front of others on your way to the top?

The answers to these questions will significantly contribute to your ability to muster up intensity.

#2: Draw upon your emotions

Have you ever been so angry that you cried?

Have you ever had something taken from you in an untimely manner?

Have you ever been cheated on?

Think about how you felt in those situations and intelligently apply that inner rage to each and every working set you have to complete for your workout.

I can guarantee you PR’s will be set and pumps like you’ve never imagined achieved.

#3: Block out external factors

That’s right, wear your hat brim low and crank up the headphones.

You are in the gym to get work done and not to socialize.

People will quickly realize that you’re all business when they see you in this mode and will leave you be.

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Don’t stand around after a set and do a quick eye sweep of the gym to see who’s there.

That will only draw in unwanted banter from others.

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Keep your head down and get things done.

#4: Find like-minded individuals

Nothing jacks up intensity like trying to out-do another hardcore bodybuilder.

The competition and immediate rivalry that grows amongst the comradery you share with that person is enough in itself to scare mere mortals into another section of the gym.

You don’t want to and can’t play second fiddle to anyone else; you’re the alpha here not them.

And when they fight back, you reaffirm your position as top dog.

The intensity will be contagious; make sure you’re the carrier.

#5: Use a pre-workout supplement.

I’m going to be completely honest with you on this one; I’ve personally never used one before.

Just the idea of going to the gym to train has always been enough to get me amped up.

With that said, I know many who rely upon pre-workout formulas to get them going and to keep their intensity levels high for the duration of the workout and sometimes when I see these people I wonder myself how much better could my workouts possibly be if I employed this strategy?

In my mind, if you need a pre-workout to get your intensity levels up, then by all means use it. If not, the other suggestions mentioned above should do the trick for you.

True intensity is something that is as unique to the individual as their genetics are.

How you derive it and effectively employ it is going to look different from one person to the next. Don’t mistake the loudest person in the gym for the most intense either; it’s usually the exact opposite.

Train smart, train insane and let your intensity guide your way.

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