5 Best Exercises for Building Huge Shoulders

5 Best Exercises for Building Huge Shoulders

Having great shoulders is high on the priority list for just about every bodybuilder out there. In addition to providing additional strength for other exercises, they will make you look great in a sleeveless shirt and increase your shoulder to hip ratio. Increasing that ratio will give you more of the sought-after v-taper look. If you are having trouble building up your shoulders or are looking to add some variety to your workout check out some of the exercises below to help add variety to your routine.

Best Exercises for Building Huge Shoulders

5 Best Exercises for Building Huge Shoulders

Barbell and Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Unless you are completely new to bodybuilding chances are you have performed a dumbbell or barbell shoulder press before. When performed correctly this exercise hits all three heads of the shoulder, but focus mostly on the front and side (anterior and medial) parts of the deltoid. These exercises are considered compounding since they recruit a lot of smaller muscles like the forearms, triceps and abs.

Hang Clean

It’s always good to incorporate some power exercises even if you aren’t training for sports specifically. This is a great exercise to add mass to the shoulders and upper back and will hit the area in a way you are not used to. Often training a muscle with a new exercise or lifting style will help break through a plateau as many exercises become less effective if we do them too much. Give these a try to add some variety to your shoulder routine.

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

While this exercise isn’t as flashy as the overhead press it should still be part of every shoulder routine. This exercise targets the medial head and is what gives your shoulders that round, capped look. Another great feature of this exercise is that it is not too taxing on your body, so you can perform it towards the end of your routine when you are tired out from the bigger, compound lifts. Make sure you don’t go to heavy on these as proper form is important – don’t rely entirely on momentum to get the weights up and lower the weights slowly to get the full benefit of the negative portion of the lift.

Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise

This is another isolation exercise that focuses mainly on the rear deltoids. Given that a lot of the larger compound shoulder exercises tend to hit the front and side faces of the shoulder it is important to balance out the development – both for appearance and for the health of the shoulder. It’s also not too taxing on the body so it can be performed towards the end of the workout.

Barbell and Dumbbell Upright Row

Although this exercise doesn’t get much respect from a lot of bodybuilders because it is seen as a trap developer, the truth is it works a lot of other muscles around the upper back including all three heads of the shoulder. Depending on what grip you use and where you pull from you can change the emphasis to focus more on the shoulders.

So there you have it, use these 5 best exercises for building huge shoulders and take your physique to the next level.

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